In Ulan-Ude, there are two areas with exercise equipment

Sports ground with training for all muscle groups are located in the Rostov lane, 36 and on the street Tulaeva, 128

The opening day of trainers decorated with balloons, especially for the children invited clowns.

As Lane says a resident of Rostov Olga Danilova, which took an active part in the construction of the simulator platform, many years in the yard was nothing but a pair of modest horizontal bars, the children had nowhere to play.

— I've lived here since '93, the playground until today we did not have. Finally, a miracle happened! The site is great — says the mother of three children, Olga Danilova.

Now, local residents are concerned about how to keep the simulator platform.

— We look to all on the court was decent, not going to the local alcoholics, not brawled. After all trainers to engage in sports. I, sometimes, at night from the window to make comments. Although my children are adults, 20 and 27 years old, I helped paint the playground — adds Tatiana Eroschuk.

In Rostov lane most visitors simulator platforms — are children. But on the street Tulaeva playground has become a meeting place for senior citizens. Every day in the morning half of the ninth five local women out of the house to give half an hour to your health — exercise equipment.

On September Zherdev on the street will be open the third simulator platform, the press service of the City Council of Ulan-Ude.

Earlier, in the capital of Buryatia upgraded playgrounds along the street union, 40 and Ermakov, 7, as well as in the October district — the addresses Trubacheeva, 10, and Grandma, 27. Area outside Tsivileva, 48, was opened on June 1, International Children's Day. They were among the first in the city, built on the orders of voters deputies of the city council.

"It was the demand for outdoor fitness — required a certificate. Were more demands on quality and safety grounds, because it is — the life and health of young citizens", — said the director of the housing department, one that addresses all building works Hope Utesova.


Ulan udenets Bair, who lives on a street. Tsivileva says his eight year old son Anton plays every day at the site: 

   — In my childhood, it was not possible to play on these sites, we have all spent time in the sandbox. It's great that my child can develop physically, not very far from the house, and to get acquainted with other children.

   At the site a lot of children. But even adults find time work out at the gym. At first, the novelty, though attracted attention, but many hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity. But now it was time "grinding" — happy to use the machine not only parents, but also to all those for whom a healthy lifestyle — not an idle question.

   Of course, a healthy way of life depends on each individual person, but the deputies Ulan-Ude City Council undertook to introduce it to the masses.



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