In Ulyanovsk region gather sunflower

Cherdaklinsky economy, Novospasskogo, Sengileysky and Staromaynsky areas started to collect sunflower. On 19 th September 1986 from threshed 176,200 hectares harvested 2,619 tons of oil seeds with a yield of 13.2 t / ha, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ulyanovsk region.

Tsilninsky, Cherdaklinsky and Ulyanovsk regions came to the sugar beet harvest. With an area of 1,727 hectares dug out 53,900 tons of root crops, yield of 312.4 kg / ha.

Most municipalities have started harvesting of vegetables and potatoes. With 397 acres harvested 7.7 million tons of vegetables with a yield 195.3 kg / ha. Potatoes removed from an area of 740 acres, the total harvest of 9.3 million tons, yields — 125 kg / ha.

Barishski economy, Kuzovatovsky, Pawlowski, Radischevskaya, Terengulsky and Ulyanovsk regions completely finished cleaning of grains and legumes. In other areas remain clean for about 5% of the harvest of grain, mainly cereal crops and maize. As of September 17 in the whole area from the area of 439.7 thousand hectares harvested 920,000 tons of grain yield of 21 t / ha.
"Simultaneously with the completion of harvesting in the fields of continuing sowing of winter crops. Crops for harvest next year sown area of 193,700 hectares. This is 79% of the planned volume — said Deputy Prime Minister — Minister of Agriculture of the region Alexander Chepuhin. — This winter wheat is 147 800 ha (73% of the plan), winter rye — 45.9 hectares (106.3%). In addition, an area of 12.3 thousand hectares of planted winter camelina (145.5%). "

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