In Ulyanovsk region started construction of a plant for the production of wings made of polymeric materials

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has started construction in Ulyanovsk plant to produce aircraft parts made of composite materials. The basis for the new manufacturing facility will manufacture aircraft plant "Aviastar-SP" area of 64 thousand square meters. m From next year, "daughter" of the KLA, "Aerocomposite", will be releasing a panel of center here, spars and integral part of the wing panel, detachable polymer composite materials.


"The creation of modern Russian-made composite structures is a key factor in the competitiveness of a promising line of civil aircraft of the United Aircraft Corporation. As part of the strategy on the basis of JSC UAC "Aerocomposite" we create a competence center for the development, production and sale of components made of composite materials, including a design center, technology center and plants for the production of aggregates. Today we are laying in Ulyanovsk first of the production sites, providing not only more than 600 jobs at the plant, but the development of the most promising technology industry in the region ", — Said about the KLA President Mikhail Pogosyan.

The composite production in Ulyanovsk $ 7.5 billion is created primarily for the benefit of a new medium-range Russian aircraft MS-21, production of which the KLA and entering into it "Irkut" hope to launch in Irkutsk in 2016. According to the calculations, "Irkut", at the MS-21 by 6.6% should be better weight perfection, 7% better aerodynamic efficiency, 24% less fuel consumption by 2.5% higher rate than not only existing foreign competitors but also in their future developments, such as the Airbus 320NEO. One of the reasons that — use in composite aircraft structures, which significantly reduce its weight, but retain strength.

"Production in Ulyanovsk will include a full technological cycle of production of parts from PCM bezavtoklavnogo infusion method: from the calculations supporting materials to control geometry and painting. The design capacity is 100 sets per year, the company will be released in 2017. Projected revenues of 300-350 million dollars per year ", — Said General Director of "Aerokompozita" Anatoly Gaydansky.

The fact that the location of the new plant chose Ulyanovsk — also understandable. Formally, for belonging to the KLA "Aviastar SP" fixed competence for the production of commercial aircraft. But it is informally Ulyanovsk region selected public Aircraft Corporation as its "core" of the region, where production is concentrated not only own aircraft, but also for other parts of the country aircraft factories, training civilian pilots, and the region is becoming a platform for regular discussion of the problems of air transport. "In addition to large-scale investment, new jobs and introducing advanced technologies, the creation of new production will load the associated companies and will contribute to the placement in the field of supplier JSC" Aerocomposite. " Thus, our region will once again be one of the strategic areas, which will shape the future of the domestic aviation industry. I consider it a great success that we managed to convince investors that the power of "Aviastar" can and should work on the development of Russian aviation. It's great that we believe that our perspectives and suggestions are appreciated at all levels ", — Enthusiastically said the governor of the region Sergey Morozov.

In this case, if the "Aerokompozitu" able to establish a very high quality and stable production (a lot in this case will depend on its relations with foreign technology partners), the composite materials of the Ulyanovsk certainly appear in future versions of the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet-100, and in the construction of those aircraft that are still causing a sense of wonder. Are going to build them, too, in Ulyanovsk.

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