In Ulyanovsk region was commissioned production line painted brick

Production of colored bricks established LLC "silicate" from May 2013. During this period, produced 449,000 pieces of colored bricks. Consumers are Samara, Saratov and Penza regions.

Today the plant employs more than 400 people. Total plant produces 100 million pieces of silica bricks per year.

The company operates a computerized control system power consumption, heat, autoclaving, brick and lime parameters, computer-based jobs and accounting processes, using information products and programs.

In the July 2013 issue and shipment exceeded 100 million mark by 8-14%. The record monthly figure: the level of production of bricks — 11106 thousand pieces, the level of shipment — 12733 thousand pieces. These results were achieved in the history of the enterprise for the first time.   

The first production of silica brick factory near Novospasskoe released in 1974, it was then that the leadership there was a question about the construction of housing and commercial facilities in the southern parts of the Ulyanovsk region. High demand required to increase the intensity of brick. It was decided to start the second phase — chalk-lime plant, allowing the production of bricks from their own raw materials.

A significant increase in demand for the products allowed the company to actively work on updating its production capacity. The reconstruction of the steam system, which allows the use of secondary steam for heating of domestic, industrial and office premises.

In an effort to expand the market, further optimize the sale of products made wholesale warehouses for the storage of bricks in Samara, Saratov, Penza and Ryazan regions.

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