In Ulyanovsk, renovated opened ODIB

In Ulyanovsk, renovated opened regional children's hospital for infectious diseases

In Ulyanovsk, after a long overhaul has opened a children's infectious diseases hospital. This is one of the oldest and most sought after medical institutions in the region, where repair was not carried out for more than 50 years. For the modernization of the hospital was sent to more than 34 million 600 thousand rubles.

 Renovated facilities of the medical building: works on repairing the roof, engineered sewage systems, water supply, heating. Were replaced windows and doors, plumbing and electrical equipment, created additional chamber poluboksirovannogo type. At present, the overhaul of the front desk, so that the flow of young patients with intestinal and respiratory infections will be divided — that is, the establishment of improved health and disease control regime. "
In addition, as part of the modernization of health care in the hospital received 38 pieces of modern equipment for more than 14.6 million rubles. Purchased intensive care and laboratory equipment, ventilators, ultrasound equipment, system monitoring, ECG, pulse oximeters, X-ray machines, oxygen concentrators, biochemical analyzers and Coagulation.

"Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care fully re-equipped, — says the head physician of children's infectious diseases hospital Alexey Smolin. — It is important that we are able to establish each child's crib ventilators and monitoring system. Besides, now that every doctor has a pulse oximeter — a device measuring hemoglobin in blood. "

According to Valentina Karaulova, in 2011-2012, the regional health ministry managed to overcome the shortage of medical staff in the hospital. After graduating from medical school to work in the hospital for four came to a pediatrician and one infectious disease. Two of them have specialization in infectious diseases in children on the basis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. "

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