In UMPO started the reconstruction of the test base of enterprise

In JSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association» started work on the reconstruction of the test database. Federal program under which the project is executed, involves three stages. Currently, a first one — the reconstruction of the base fuel storage. 

For the modernization of a powerful industrial complex area of 50 acres, built in the 70's of last century, allocated 172.5 million rubles. This federal tranche will reconstruct outdated equipment and bring the whole enterprise test base in line with the latest industry standards, including requirements for fire and environmental safety, quality indicators being prepared jet fuel for testing engines. 

  Draft update of the fuel storage facility, developed by JSC "GIPRONIIAVIAPROM" together with JSC "AK VNZM" passed all pending and approved by the state examinations. In the future, it will update the tank farm and all the technological equipment operating for over 40 years. In particular, the process will be automated fuel on test stands, taking oil from tank cars. One of the new pumping stations will be able to receive about 12 million liters of jet fuel — is the volume of the whole train. The second will serve to settle and refined fuels necessary for testing of products promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) fifth generation. 

  In the future, will be implemented following two stages of reconstruction of the test database UMPO: modernization of test rigs and laboratory facilities of the central laboratory. As the deputy technical director of development test facilities of JSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association" Andrew Gavryuk in this large-scale project takes into account the possibility of further modernization of the object.

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