In Usmani (Lipetsk region). Opened Intermunicipal Vascular Center

In Usmani opened Intermunicipal Vascular Center — the fourth in the Lipetsk region. The center has two departments: neurology, which is designed for 25 patients, and cardiac, designed for 15 people.

For major repairs of the building, which is the center of an amount of about 10 million, including 9.5 million from the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund. To equip the center equipment — 43 million rubles.

It will provide medical care to patients of Usman, gacilities in Hlevensky and Dobrinsky areas with a population of 107230 people. 

Were purchased bedside monitors to monitor physiological parameters, monitor the patient for monitoring the cranial and blood pressure, electrocardiogram, pulse oximetry and temperature of the patient, endoscopic equipment with the ability to assess swallowing disturbances, portable ultrasound scanner with sensors, multislice computed tomography, apparatus for artificial respiration .

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