Is there a power of money?

March 1, 2012 18:37

We are used to the fact that the money — it's just a tool for the acquisition of various goods, but few people know that this is essentially a unique "tool" is energy, as well, and other values.
And since it is no secret that the energy exchange occurs on the mental level of the person, then, for obvious reasons, and many material things also attract or repel each other according to the theory of the interaction energies. In this case, it is important to learn how to be successful and rich materializing their secret desires and dreams by creating such an energy field that was able to attract, like a magnet, the need for good.
As a rule, we create thought forms that are subsequently expressed in our actions and the results of those actions.

It is human nature to blame their troubles anyone, but not their own principles and guidelines. This is largely due mentality. But in my heart every person wants to become not just for the rich wealth, and to acquire the coveted freedom from many of the conventions that exist in our physical world.

Everyone had to hear this phrase "money makes money", which is probably not even worth it to voice. It speaks volumes about the theory of attraction of money to people who originally honed for success and wealth. The most important and perhaps difficult to understand this, that large amounts of money can be made available for everybody without exception. And there is no mystery.
Everyone has a potential opportunity, but not everyone is able to see and realize the time. Also, with the finances. We are all born with the energy of which is able to attract not only material wealth, but also a success. But due to many external factors, including the planting of some stereotypes, we begin to doubt your abilities, believing that only in the movies is a happy ending in which Cinderella becomes a princess. But if you ignore the stories and experience the reality, we can observe how our desires are destroyed under the influence of alien rigid thought patterns imposed by parents, society and the media.
Most often we can see manifestations of destructive conclusions, which are expressed either in an extremely negative view of money, or on the contrary, to deify them, giving them too much importance. He and other communication method with money are extremely dangerous because they can, along with the development of an inferiority complex in need of money a person to develop these negative qualities like greed, jealousy, and depression, which, in turn, impede the flow of monetary energy. Formed a vicious circle, which is popularly called generic curse. And, despite the high potential of the internal man, his subconscious blocks any impulses to action, prompted by intuition. Such a person can hardly be called a success. After he satisfied with his life, among other things, is afraid to take risks and take steps, obviously believing himself a chronic loser.
But the only people who were able to rise above the stereotypes and overcome their own doubts, have managed to achieve a great deal. Such examples in the history of a huge number. Here it does not matter what kind of material wealth was in the family of this man. Just energy self-confidence, and the success of his business, merged together with the vibration energy of the money made from the dream a reality, which was embodied in the wealth and success.

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