Is there the sun Antizemlya?


Many people feel as if our solar system is well studied. "This is not the case — said K.Butusov — in interplanetary space, our system may well be hiding a big secret." Although the ancient Egyptians, perhaps, no mystery here is not spotted.

"Most of all, it is their opinion about the existence of twins has found its place in the cosmogony of the philosopher Philology", — says Butusov. Philolaus took as the basis of the universe is not our planet, contrary to the rest of the wise men, and the so-called central fire — Hestnu. Each of the planets, including our own, spinning around this fire, while the sun only functioned as a mirror that reflects its glow. In the opinion of Philology, the Earth's orbit, it is diametrically opposite to the point of Hestnoy was similar to our planet Antizemlya, which doubles the world people!

Let's take a look at the theory of the presence of Antizemli from the point of view of present-day science. That tells us the same astronomy? Tangible evidence of the presence of the sun a large space body we do not, however, refute this hypothesis is also impossible.

What size area on the back edge of the orbit is blocking the sun from the human eye? Truly a pretty! Its width, taking into account the solar corona, is 10 times larger than the diameter of the lunar orbit and six — our planet with you. So, this space is enough to drive there Antizemli. Then why the spacecraft failed to fix this? It's harder than it looks. The range of the space station is very small, and they are directed only at predefined objects, used for navigation. Inspect everything they are not yet able, for the purpose of being Antizemli Sun is not designated for them. What applies to the western moon-lander, then they have failed to make out Antizemlyu, because the moon is very close. To see Antizemlyu, would have to be transported at least ten times more.

Astronomers say the likelihood of concentration of matter in the areas of libration orbit of the planet. One of them is located just behind the sun, but, unfortunately, the situation in the body it is extremely unstable. Although the land itself must stay in the libration area of the body, causing sharply raises the problem of their positional relationship. "Look at the Saturnian system," — explains Butusov. — "It is similar to solar. Any of the moons of Saturn has a twin planets of the solar system. In the Saturn system on virtually the same orbit similar to Earth's orbit, revolve 2 satellites, playing in the striking game. Every 4, satellites converge but do not bump each other, but only changing orbits. Like them, are able to move earth and Antizemlya. The only difference is that the Earth moves around the Sun much haste, unlike Saturn's moons, why, and "date" with Antizemley occurs infrequently. "

That the supposed planet, it was decided to name Gloria. Arguments in defense of what Gloria (Antizemlya) actually is, I do not even Butusova one. First — this is an unusual Earth orbit: the orbit of nearby planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) with specific parameters are symmetrical relative to the Earth, which does not have to be. It turns out there is a factor of, say, the presence of an unknown substance Earth orbit, to increase its total mass is at least two times.

Second, the motion of Venus tricks long plagued the minds of researchers. For some obscure reason, the rotation of the orbit Venus is accelerated, on the contrary — is slowing down. It turns out that the planet is influenced by some unknown force us, that's just where they come from? In addition juggles Venus and Mars. Most interesting is that during the acceleration of the motion of Venus Mars starts to slow its progress, and vice versa. Interpret this behavior can only be the same for both celestial bodies cause the opposite effect on them. This could easily be the cause of the presence of orbiting our planet Antizemli (or Gloria).

But the most curious, according Butusova, the argument in the direction of the reality of the existence of Gloria finds himself the head of the opening of the Paris Observatory in the late summer of 1666 a stranger before the body close to Venus. The scientist thought he had found a satellite of Venus, and came to the conclusion that its diameter is 4 times smaller than the moon. He once remarked that body, after six years. In 1740 he came to Short, after Mayer, and then Montaigne. According to rough estimates, the size of the body hovered around a quarter to a third of the value of most of Venus. The body is then simply disappeared. What to say here? Antizemlya, located near the Sun libration site can fish out from behind the sun and under certain conditions it is easy to see from Earth.

Suppose Antizemlya real in fact, that we do for you? First of all, this should cause great interest to the scientific community, because Antizemlya is in similar terrestrial conditions. It all points to the potential presence Antizemle sentient beings. Also, right there, perhaps, is based basic human culture, while the Earth is a sort of "settlement", which is strictly controlled. What is known, in particular, that all nuclear tests all the time aroused great interest of UFOs, which are generally very interested in all serious events and disasters on our planet. And if UFOs arrive to us with Antizemli, why should they? Not least because the problems in the world pose a serious danger to Antizemli. After fixation of both planets relatively to each other and the sun is unstable. A nuclear tests that generate powerful thrusts able to shift the Earth from its path and throw straight towards Antizemle that will be the beginning horrific disaster. Even if direct confrontation is not going to happen, changes in gravity and high tides of the seas and oceans will destroy many cities and carry a lot of lives on both planets. If residents Antizemli technically advanced beyond us, then of course they will try to avoid tragic consequences. Now UFO is not much walk into people's lives, but it is unknown how long this will last neutrality.

Probably Butusov first among current researchers to engage seriously in theory, the presence of the sun Antizemli. He is mistaken or not — time will judge. Shouts of disbelief more than normal. Science can not become careless, is taken for granted but only confirmed facts.

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