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Ancient traditions and legends about the mysterious country of ascetics and spiritual leaders who have left the world to, however, this world to assist, give rest to entire generations of researchers. In the East, this mysterious country called Shambhala, in the West — the White Brotherhood. But does this country really? The very idea of having a similar place in the world sometimes seems fantastic, yet much evidence speaks in favor of its real existence.

"Nepozvanny not come"

The peoples of Asia since ancient times knew of the existence of the hidden world of the sacred land, whose boundaries are securely protected in many ways. I wonder what gave birth to the West an incredible amount of speculation phenomenon of yeti — Bigfoot — in Tibet has its explanation, closely linked to the existence in the heart of Asia innermost spiritual abode. In the work of Nicholas Roerich's "Heart of Asia" is an explanation of this phenomenon, the present Russian travelers to the local priest Lama: "We asked the lama about this story about snowmen and again the answer came surprisingly calm and assertive. "It's very rare to see these snowmen. They are loyal guardians of some of the Himalayan regions. There are hidden sacred ashram (monastery — NK) Mahatma. Previously, even in Sikkim, there were several such ashrams. "

Since ancient times, many truth-seekers trying to reach a hidden monastery and meeting with the legendary sages of the East. But only a few of the most spiritually prepared people were really able to achieve this goal. There is an immutable law in a visit to the spiritual abode of the East representatives of the outside world, "Nepozvanny not come!"

Why are so strictly enforced ancient rule? Nicholas Roerich wrote that "… One of the Mahatma was asked why they were so carefully hide their ashrams. Mahatma said, "Otherwise, an endless procession from the west and the east, and from the north and from the south flood our secluded place where no one without a permit will not come and disturb our classes."

However, the inability to physically visit Shambhala ordinary people is not only that the Mahatma never be able to host all who want to communicate with them. Visit the Shambhala is not all available for special energy characteristics of the area. It turns out that the spiritual atmosphere of the monastery, intense powerful energies that can cause irreparable harm to the mental health of an unprepared and spiritually man! In the books of Living Ethics says about this: "… it's not magic, but the natural tension of the atmosphere Abode. Each house has its terrestrial atmosphere. It is understood that the more labor occurs, the atmosphere and saturated. In Brotherhood, each showing the greatest stress, with so many powerful devices, where so many experiments going on at the same time, there must be a rich atmosphere. Do not forget the warehouses of chemical and medicinal plants. The emanations from them is very strong. "

There is another reason for unavailability of Shambhala for anyone wanting to go there. At the time, the Master of the East wrote: "Imagine a military expedition, which opens the Brotherhood. Even without having the imagination can imagine what will result is a revelation! "

In fact, attempts to find Shambhala through military expeditions (and military vehicles) were carried out by governments of some countries more than once. Intelligence agencies around the world have seen the stories of Shambhala is not a myth, but a phenomenon, which is able to serve a lot of modern military science. But for the Arhat Shambhala remained unknown true causes the interest of Western governments to life and research members of the Himalayan Brotherhood. It is no accident the only declassified now trying to penetrate into the Shambhala has been made on Hitler's orders, at least four times in Tibet who sent military expeditions led by Dr. Schaeffer. Needless to say that this attempt was not successful.

In folkloric tales and books of many travelers can find mention of the fact that, by chance are commanded to approach the sacred boundaries of land, people and animals have experienced a strange shiver, as if being stabbed these invisible rays. In these areas, caravan and animals, and people spontaneously stopped and no power could force them to continue their journey beyond the borders delineated sacred. Teachers Shambhala confirmed: "You have already heard from travelers that you trust and that conductors refused to lead them in certain directions. Rather, they allow themselves to kill than to lead you on. It is. The conductors are under our psychological impact. But if you still dare to brave traveler to go that route, before it starts to rumble collapses. If the traveler overcomes this obstacle, the stream of stones completely stop it, because the interloper does not have to reach your goal. "

In his works, Nicholas Roerich wrote that on the slopes of the Himalayas has a lot of caves in which, according to local clergy, begin underground tunnels that extend over long distances and going under the Kanchenjunga. These deep passages lead into the beautiful valley hidden in the heart of the mountains. Similar data sets in the works and another prominent researcher of Asia — Dr. Ferdinand Ossendovsky.

During his travels in Central Asia, Mongolian lama told him not only of a vast network of underground tunnels adjacent to the borders "Stored valley", but also of the existence of these tunnels fastest means of transportation — special devices that circulate in these subterranean arteries. The presence in the ashrams of Shambhala so perfect technique assumes the existence of a highly developed science and technology base in excess of reaching the earth sciences.

Surprised at this, and not necessary, given that the spiritual warriors of Shambhala are descendants survived the great cataclysm advanced civilization of Atlantis. Mongolian lamas, many stories to tell Ossendovsky, said that the best representatives of the advanced civilizations that existed once in the Atlantic and the Pacific, were able to survive thanks to the fact that pre-prepared for themselves, underground shelters, illuminated by artificial light. According to scientists lamas in these underground shelters exist special light that can successfully grow grain and vegetables.

Of course, the technical equipment of the mysterious lands of the East is not limited to the existence of shielding, underground tunnels and special vehicles in them. The local people of Tibet and India have long been seen in the sky over the Himalayas aircraft, called in our time "flying saucers." These devices are seen as members of the expedition Roerich, English mountaineer Frank Smith and many other witnesses …
Travel Doctor Laodzina

Even among those who have been in Shambhala, very few people were allowed to talk about what they've seen in the "Stored Valley." Among the few lucky ones who got the opportunity to tell about their experiences around the world, was a Chinese scientist Dr. Laodzin. His article, which describes some of the details of the internal organization of the life of the White Brotherhood, was published in the newspaper "Shanghai Times" and later reprinted by many other newspapers and magazines around the world.

In his book, "The Heart of Asia" Nicholas Roerich wrote about traveling Chinese scholar: "… the doctor tells Laodzin many details of his remarkable journey, accompanied by yoga from Nepal through the deserts of Mongolia, the rugged uplands of the valley, where he found the settlement of outstanding Yogis who study higher wisdom. He describes the libraries, laboratories, warehouses, as well as the famous tower. These descriptions are strikingly coincide with the descriptions of this wonderful place of the other, inaccessible sources.

Dr. Laodzin described the remarkable scientific experiments volitional packages, telepathy at long distances, the use of magnetic currents and various rays. It was instructive to see the enormous interest generated these messages in different countries. "

According to the testimony of Dr. Laodzina, Shambhala community is flourishing, fertile valley of northern Tibet, surrounded by inaccessible mountains. He found there about two sages and their disciples who live in buildings made of basalt and granite belonging to twenty different nationalities. Among them the Tibetans, Indians and Chinese, were also six Russian, a few Iranians and Germans, one French, one Belgian and one Dutch.

According to Dr. Laodzina, wise men, who live in the valley, along with his disciples themselves cultivate the land, growing vegetables and fruits; weave themselves necessary for the production of apparel fabrics. They eat only plant food. Thanks to the hot underground springs arising on the surface, the valley is always warm. The soil is very fertile and it is able to feed several hundred people.

Dr. Laodzinu were allowed to live in the valley of Shambhala three months. During this time he has witnessed extraordinary psycho-energetic phenomena. He visited one of the depositories of the Brotherhood, where his eyes were presented unique manuscripts in the ancient languages of the world. With the majority of the manuscripts he could not meet, as possessed only Chinese, Mongolian and Russian languages. Chinese scientists have also been allowed to see the various laboratories with amazing devices and instruments, and he visited the observatory and the famous tower, described by other authors who have visited the Shambhala.

Travel Doctor Laodzina occurred during the life of the Roerich. As Helena Roerich wrote, despite getting a rare opportunity to visit the most mysterious part of the world, the Chinese scholar was given to see, not all pertaining to the internal life of the Brotherhood, and then had his reasons.

Members of Roerich's family has been in a Shambhala more than once, it was reported about the mysterious Brotherhood and its various working for the good of the world so much more.

But it is — a topic for another conversation …

Based on the book "Shambhala — is not a myth"
N. Kovalev

On the face of impossible 3,2008

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