Journey to the magical land — Thailand

Journey to the magical land - ThailandWhen you buy tickets to Thailand is the first step to zaniyu exciting and inimitable country in Southeast Asia, which is due to mature and strong tourism infrastructure comes into the top 10 most of favorite tourist destinations. Thailand is decorated with white beaches, seas and green unspoilt forests that do not leave flegmantichnymi even the most demanding nature lovers. One of the most beautiful parts of the world has a wide choice resorts for a pleasant stay and a high-quality recovery. Gates chic hotels and small huts doors are always open for the adoption of a country and provide a wide range of services and modern service maintenance. Journey in Thailand, not only review it opportunity closer acquainted with the traditions of the country, to take part in the most brilliant and joyful prazdnichkom with inimitable music and dancing. Food lovers can appreciate the splendor and abundance of true Thai cuisine, with its spice and feature food manufacturers.

Journey in Thailand, you can start with a study of the most visited cities — Bangkok and Chiang Mai. This town once a year, usually several million tourists, which involve cultural attractions and opportunity role in the rich variety of activities veselitelnymi nightlife. Shopping fans can not resist the ability to purchase high quality products at very low prices, which are sold on the booming markets.

Thailand has a very wide choice the beaches, the most beautiful in the world, which are washed nezapyatannoy, transparent, and always with warm water. The most famous and popular beaches are found on the islands belonging to Thailand — Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Hua Hin.

Lovers of active tourism can take part in the travel on the river. Gliding through the water in a canoe through the impenetrable tropical greenery to the southern regions of Thailand and explore the magical world of feral nature. Amazing birds, beautiful orchids all can behold in the thickets of tropical birds and the mountains of Southern Thailand.

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