Kachkanartsy witnessed a UFO (PHOTOS)


Frisbee in the trolleybus ring Kachkanar sixth-grader from school number 2 had time to take pictures on cell phone camera.
October 14 Artem, walking after school, went to the area trolleybus ring. There, the boy says, while there was a couple of cars and taxis were a few adults. In the interval between 14.00 and 15.00 in the sky appeared totally silent something big and black. At the same time, according to the child witnesses a strange phenomenon groaned in surprise, pointing to the sky. At hand Artem had a cell phone, the camera is a sixth grader had to make only one frame. A few minutes later the object visually similar to a flying saucer, disappeared from sight.
Dmitry Volobuev, head of the monitoring stations of the Ural Anomalistiki "Uranus", from photographs determined that the "flying saucer" — something other than the vnefokusny object. In other words, the black can be a blur insect, rapidly traversing the time of shooting. That the child has seen something in the sky before the shooting, Dmitri confidently calls the visual illusion.
"To us in" Uranus "often bring these images, even video. When factoring layers and details, the cause of "black spots" becomes obvious. The main thing — it does not mean that UFOs do not exist. Anomalistiki the Urals very much, but it's not very easy to distinguish, "- said Mr. http://www.kchetverg.ru/ Volobuev.
Dmitry Volobuev also explained that the autumn period for the appearance of unidentified objects is unlikely. The most "seasonal", as in "Uranus" for anomalies are the spring and summer.

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