Kaliningrad amber deposit will be protected areas

Several geological reserves appear in the Kaliningrad region for the identified and explored deposits of amber, told RIA Novosti Head of Environmental Control and Supervision Sergei Poberezhnyi.

According to officials, the empowerment of the status of protected areas will preserve and the natural landscape, and deposits of amber. In addition to the region's reserves of amber Amber quarry in the village (there is an official production) are in Zelenograd and other areas. And this, said Poberezhnyi know well diggers, leading in fact illegal extraction on an industrial scale. Now, according to the seaside, in the area there are about 20 such places. These territories will power and geological nature reserves.

"In such areas, any economic or business activity is limited or even prohibited, — said the head of service ekokontrolya. — And we will bring offenders if not for the illegal extraction of amber, and for violation of legislation on protected areas. And this is more of a management responsibility."

In the near future, he added Poberezhnyi, the authorities and the boundaries of sites, conduct due diligence, as well as state environmental expertise. After the signing of the Governor of the corresponding resolution status of protected areas will be the sites located in several parts of the region, including field Nadezhdinskoye Nadezhdinskoye-1 and-2.

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