Kozyrevs Mirrors — a breakthrough in the future

November 21, 2011 15:09


Popular science film entitled "Mirrors — a breakthrough in the future" was filmed at this year's Director Vitaly Pravdivtseva. Its duration is only 43 minutes.

Despite such a short duration, the film is full of interesting and quite telling us about the people's superstitions, legends and stories, and brings us some real cases related to the mysterious and unusual properties of conventional mirrors.

All the messages that we can hear, viewing this film, as a rule, are global: they belong to a different era, come from different continents and different world cultures.

In most cases, states that the use of mirrors can see certain pictures of the past, spatially distant from the current time or into the future.

Sorcerers and mystics of old even claimed that mirror, and especially those that have a concave shape, may grant the person the ability of clairvoyance.

With the unusual properties of mirrors facing modern scientists as biology and psychology, and physics and genetics …

At one time, a group of scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR intended to unravel the unusual properties of the mirrors.

For this, they conducted an experiment called "Theory of Time." For this experiment, was specially made several mirrors, which have a special design.

In the experiments, the global nature involved more than 5,000 participants and approximately 12 countries.

The operators did not use the translation for the experiment because of transmitted symbols or symbolic elements of the alphabets of ancient cultures.

The experimental results have exceeded all expectations. In most cases, more specifically from 54% to 95%, the so-called telepathic information taken is correct. That is why the results of the experiments could not be called by some random coincidence.

By browsing this popular science film, the viewer has the opportunity to learn a great deal about the properties of conventional mirrors, and much of what was just hidden.

How important is the so-called "lens permafrost"? Whether there was any relationship secret expedition to the polar region of the Soviet KGB with today's experiments with Kozyrev mirrors?

What secrets were taken to the grave Roger Bacon — one of the leading experts on the secrets of concave mirrors in the history of science and humanity? How he was able to see into the future and saw that in the future this will be a telescope, microscope, car, plane, as well as many other vehicles?

Where did he learn about the different types of galaxies and extragalactic nebulae, if you have not been an official opening of this?

And many other questions that continue to be a mystery to science: a mirror planetary influence on technology and people? As for the mirror can be used in modern medicine, aerospace and general scientific knowledge in the world?

And, in the end, why the sensational results of experiments of the Ural and Siberian scientists have been hidden?

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