Kremenchug flooded, in one area of the city in rain nearly drowned child

Kremenchug flooded, in one area of the city in rain nearly drowned child

In Kremenchug due to heavy rains and floods the house falling trees. According to local media, in a district of the city in rain nearly drowned child.

In particular, as the chief of the service in 1563, Yuri Voitenko Street Halamenyuka tree fell on a car. As rescuers working in the street Serbichenko Kryukov — there is a danger that a tree falls, located in the College.

Also been claims of flooding houses in the private sector Kryukov. The street Kotlova failed road section. Furthermore, in the city center — traffic jams, cars fade away in the middle of the road, traffic trolley suspended.

At the same time near the central market in rain nearly drowned child, said the head of housing Kremenchug Alexander Lyubenko. "It took off the pavement to overhaul the street Shevchenko, and accumulated in the pit water. Kid just saved," — said the official.
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In addition, near the railway station, the water was a van. "The driver jumped out, and the car was evacuated," — said an eyewitness. "Water is higher than in the throat. People do not go to a car trying to pass on the footpath," — he added.

Recall due to adverse weather conditions in some regions of Ukraine, some streets were flooded. The most difficult situation was in Cherkassy, where the night had the two-month rainfall.

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