Kulikov was sent to prison, where inmates are treated like cockroaches

Contender for the presidency of Ivan Kulikov placed in Zhodinsky insulator, known poor conditions and ill-treatment of prisoners by the administration.

According to police scientist Ivan Kulikov, who tried to run for president and withdrew his candidacy during the collection of signatures, is accused of stealing 7,500 dollars. Ostensibly, working head of the Laboratory of Nuclear Institute "Pines" Kulikov for almost 8 years, received a salary for men designed to work fictitiously.

"According to the investigation, Kulikov from April 2000 to June 2008, held in the State Laboratory of the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research" Pines "of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk two. Previously established that in fact designed at the institute where the person did not work, and all this time They receive a salary for himself Kulikov, "- said the representatives of law enforcement agencies Interfax.

The son of Ivan Kulikov Vladimir, who has lived in Moscow, estimates: Based on the investigation it turns out that his father allegedly took up monthly salary of $ 39 for each of the two people. "Is there a monthly salary — $ 39?" — Surprised the son of the prisoner.

Vladimir earlier told journalists that the checks on the work of his father began immediately after the events of December 19.

These violations were not put in jail and a fortiori Do not put in Zhodino …

"The team was to test institute, found violations and land rights. Yet for such violations do not put in jail and a fortiori Do not put in Zhodino. Quite an inadequate response by the authorities, so to speak. After all, could release on bail, could find a milder form of punishment. But feel the need to do what they did. "

Vladimir spoke with a lawyer who defends Ivan Kulikov and recently met with him in prison.

"Commentary on the phone, he does not. He met with the pope on Saturday, he feels more or less. Naturally, he hopes for early release from prison because they do not feel guilt for such a to all the time is in custody. "

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