Kursk observed flying UFO


Late in the evening on Saturday in the skies over the North-Western District of Kursk appeared strange lights. First there were 3 orange dots, then four. "It is unlikely that it was a plane, no noise we heard," — say eyewitnesses, rushed to withdraw UFO on mobile phone camera.

According to some, the lights moved by a strange path, constantly changing location. Others argue that the points of light belong to the same object were static and form a geometric shape — a triangle, then a diamond.

Kursk historian and ethnographer Yuri Ozerov also photographed the strange phenomenon. "Went out into the yard and happened to notice the 4 orange object in the dark sky, immediately rushed for the camera — he says. — Glow-point silently floated in the north-west to the south. The aircraft can not fly so. That evening, the weather was cloudy, so the version that this star has disappeared. I noticed that the lights were reversed, constantly on the move. "

The lake is not the first time watching the mysterious phenomena in the sky. "Over the Kursk, this happens quite often — he explains. — About 10 years ago saw once 5 balls of light, hovering above the city. When celebrating the anniversary of the Seraphim of Sarov, also observed the appearance of the disk in the sky. Late at night to silver by a strange trajectory flew over the center of the city. "

Indeed, the appearance of unidentified objects in the sky over the Kursk happens with surprising regularity. For example, in April 2002, about 8:00 pm a resident of the Northwest neighborhood noticed in the sky unusual white crescent-shaped object. Behind him stretched loop, consisting of golden particles. According to a witness, the object gained altitude and at some point disappeared from view.

In 2005, the bright spot was observed in the district of fiber. "The object moved silently short jerks — constantly in different directions — then told the witnesses. — It was colored metal ball "flattened" at the top and bottom. The upper part was covered with plates, giving the impression that they are stacked "overlap" as the shingles on the roof. " Just one month — another unidentified flying object caught the attention of smokers. This time, witnesses anomalies were residents of the street 1st Officer. According to them, the sky swam red ball, framed in a glowing rectangle. Moved "construction" quickly, sometimes choppy.

In the summer of 2006, another resident of the Kursk believe in the existence of UFOs. The woman decided to spend the night at the cottage in the village of Duhovets. "Close to midnight, out on the street, not a single star was not all in the clouds — recalls kuryanka. — And suddenly there was light: the object appeared in the sky, reminiscent of the keg. It shone pink and white light, and the beam out of it. "

Constantine Shilov

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