Kuzbass shamans found in the Spirit of the oldest shaman whether Apocalypse 2012

January 1, 2012 8:06

Hope Murtaeva shaman has the gift to speak with the spirits, and she called on the spirit of the shaman conversation. Photo: Larissa MAXIMENKO

The forecast from the world.

Spirit shaman N1, who lived in southern Kuzbass about 2500 years ago and recently disturbed by archaeologists, agreed for the first conversation.
Real name Shor shamans, who lived many centuries ago in the heart of Siberia, in the Highland Shoria on snowy bank of the mountain river Mrassu fast, near the settlement of Ust-taiga Kabyrza, in memory of the people did not survive.
Its just called the Great.

She remembered only about three years ago, when the Kuzbass archaeologist Yuri Shirin, Ph.D., first came to the expedition to the Mountain Shoria for luck Digging seemed primeval taiga shore, suddenly came to the tomb, which is 2500.

Considering the wealth of ancient Siberian — a clay pot, bronze beads, two knives, a mirror and a ritual, … joining together in the grave next to the skeleton of the old lady — long bones and vertebrae of her old assistant, animal scientists of the expedition gasped:

— It can not be! Time of origin of shamanism has not come up to it was still very, very far away. But these things are very real first Priestess.

While archaeologists have kept a sensation and puzzled over that for a noble woman sorceress is in the grave, with the legs down to the water (the bones in her feet washed river), another woman, it is our contemporary, living in a 20 km the place has lost peace.

Expedition Yuri Width, Novokuznetsk archaeologist, found the grave of the oldest shaman Kuzbass summer of 2009. Photo: Larissa MAXIMENKO

— I am at a distance, Tashtagol, felt the breath away land, when archaeologists opened the tomb of the ancient shamans, "wash his feet in the river," — says Nadezhda Murtaeva, the current best-known shaman Mountain Shoria. — It had to do with the element of water. From her open grave then broke Kuyun — a whirlwind of energy. Not because it is evil, and as always happens when disturbed spirit. I tried to close the exit of Kuyun. But the part — went to the south-east, and — rebelled water.

Is it a coincidence … or really disturbed by the spirit of ancient priestesses water then angry, but after a couple of weeks after the opening of the grave state of emergency was just to the south-east of the Kuzbass, the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station and many people died. And then came to Siberia unprecedented winter 2009-2010, this was 100 years, a prolonged half, with endless frost and snow double standard. And then spring — to the floods.

Only modern shamans, Tashtagol, Novokuznetsk and gornoaltayskie, together, could have a little disturbed appease the spirit of ancient priestesses of Water, Great shaman, zadabrivaya his gifts.

And the spirit of the shaman even go to the contact, began to talk about women, about "his". And the answer to the most disturbing question now is whether the promised end to the ancient calendar of the world — in 2012, the year or later, whether it will stand Kuzbass and Russia.


Recall that in recent years, and the Novosibirsk Kuzbass expedition, independently, found and opened the graves of two Siberian ancient noble women, dubbed the princess.

Expedition — archaeologists and students who came into the forest at the Ust-Kabyrzu, archaeological site chosen randomly and immediately made a scientific discovery. Photo: from the archives of George width.

Sensational bones left their tombs, "left" in the science labs for analysis. And after — zhahnul one after another devastating impact of elements. Materialists deemed it a coincidence.

But Siberian shamans were alarmed and called the fatal regularity.

… Two Princesses — Altai and Kabyrzinskaya (aka Great shaman, she Priestess of Water), open standards and open one after the other scientists and named for their native region, the uneasy not just women who lived 2,500 years ago in the middle of the continent, in the heart of the ancient Siberia, where in all directions, and the kind of settled people.

And judging by the reconstruction of scientists were not just blonde and blue-eyed spokeswoman ancient Indo-Iranian wave of nomads who lived on the continents. And even relatives.

Expedition discovered an ancient tomb of a woman of her things were items that are still used in shamanic practices. Photo: from the archives of George width.

They are, in the opinion of the current hard shamans were important ritual union members for nature and human existence.

— Princess were associated with the elements, — says Nadezhda Murtaeva shaman.

First princess — Altai, and not even a skeleton, and its well-preserved mummy found in the Altai Mountains Novosibirsk Academician Vyacheslav Molodin expedition in 1993. His "princess dress Ukok" the memory of which was kept in the Altai generations, local residents did not want to give away. When flashed around the neighborhood nervous news that archaeologists uncovered the tomb of the high mountains, in the ice, and plan to take away the Princess at the Academy of Sciences, Altai came to her defense. But the Altai Princess still taken.

— Princess was the first related to the force of the Earth, was a priestess of the Earth — says Hope Murtaeva. — That's why the opening of its burial in Siberia swept earthquake was the most powerful in 2003, Altai mountains reared and shaken so that whole villages have been destroyed. Those tremors felt all the regions of Siberia Siberia … and continues to shake. (Even three days ago near Kyzyl earth jolted by 7.2 points. — Ed.)

The second Princess — Kabyrzinskaya, the one great shaman, found by archaeologists in southern Kuzbass Kuzbass was a priestess of water.

Great skull shaman (or priestess Water Kabyrzinskoy Princess) remained poorly, restore appearance of women science can not. Photo: from the archives of George width.

After Kuzbass shamans, the only people who can speak with the dead, the first time coming to worship Princess bones, still assuming that she — Priestess of Water, and, after several requests, practice and talk about yourself ("Who are you? Who or what (in union) with you? "), heard of the Spirit:

— Sug.

Which translates from the Shor means "water."

Attention of archaeologists including attracted mirror the sealed stone, so it had no impact and would not leave — the people — the past. Photo: from the archives of George width.


Novosibirsk scientists are still promises before, but soon sent home Altai Princess were able to reconstruct its appearance.

Kuzbass scientists examined bone Kabyrzinskoy Princess, said that it was similar to the Altai. Only Altai — age younger. A Kabyrzinskoy — before his death, was 60 years old.

And to restore the exterior of the Second Princess — Priestess of Water, reconstruct science can not — her skull for more than 25 centuries of lying under the ground was too fragile.

But the Second Princess, Priestess of Water, still show people.

Scientists gave the bones to the museum Kabyrzinskoy Princess Tashtagol with the intention in the future to open on the site of the tomb necropolis, the museum and came shaman Hope Murtaeva. Photo: Larissa MAXIMENKO

When he came to worship her remains (transferred to the museum archaeologists Tashtagol Kuzbass authorities have agreed with the opening in the future — in place of disturbed graves — Necropolis), played on the ritual tools and start a respectful greeting and inquiries, her follower, Hope Murtaeva shaman, a few minutes in shock stopped.

— I see her, her blonde hair, she stately old lady with a very proud straight back — slowly began to hope. — It has to do with water. Her clear voice. She was a great priest, shaman. She had a tambourine "7 heavens" (the highest of shamanic hierarchy, now none of this is not), it had direct access to the top, to the Creator …

She blesses the people. From her left and settled order, and they guarded it from a distance.

She had seven children, three sons and four daughters … She handed them to marry, and sent to the four corners of the world.

In today's shamans — a piece of her soul, that her descendants … She wants me to be brought to her many, many people, from different peoples of Siberia, so that we all worshiped her.

Hope admitted that she took the information from the Priestess of Water before, when she was still lying in the undisturbed tomb of scientists. But I could not understand from whom information is.

— Spirit of the shaman once even saved the bus with people. We were near Ust-Kabyrzy, conducted the ceremony. And rang in my head her voice warning, leave quickly, otherwise the road will fall under the avalanche. I hurried people. Checked out. And for us was an avalanche, — says Hope.

Priestess … Earth and Water, convinced Hope still angry from time to time, as they prepare people for the upcoming tests raise questions about errors of the past, present and future.

— There is much talk about the imminent apocalypse, end of the world, according to the ancient Mayan calendar is bound to end in 2012 — explains Hope Murtaeva. — About the dates, years and tests of strength — large, small there, I have no right to speak. And it sets the Lord, who always things can change … And my information is coming: Kuzbass Apocalypse survive, and Russia, Russia will save 12 Turks — the prophets, the gift that was already awake.

Why Turks prophets? Because the Turkic peoples have always been closely associated with all nature, the elements, and the nature of the Turks never separated.

Not only that, during testing Kuzbass take a lot of people with true faith in the heart, and will be even cleaner.

Is already here before, it seems, happened in ancient times. After all, in the words of the Great Spirit ghost shaman, it kind of settled and people. Perhaps, then, was also a state of emergency and the total collection, and review of the common values of humanity …

Priestess of Water Spirit went on contact, told about himself and about the future. Photo: Larissa MAXIMENKO

By the way … the most amazing thing is that the people — Shor, in which archaeologists found the burial place of the Great shaman (Second Princess, Priestess of Water) in the legends never inevitable and all life ruining the end there was no light.

— Shors, probably the only people in the world, who had never been at the heart of self-interest and is not afraid of the end of the world, and its prognosis and the image even in his epic wasted. For me, it was a mystery. But after the discovery of the tomb of Princess Kabyrzinskoy I am inclined to think that Shoriya — a special place, favorites, — the love Arbachakova, scholar, member of the SB RAS, studying folklore of Siberian peoples, — and I think that scientists have discovered nothing significant for the country's grave Princess. Their spirit, even now, at times, and angry, as is required by their ritual, but in the future, in the case of the Apocalypse, a sudden end of the world really happen, will also help to save Russia.

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