Ladoga Nessie mystery

July 26, 2012 12:13

About Lake Ladoga talk and write a lot. And for good reason: it keeps a lot of secrets. This is the mystery of his education, and amaze flora and fauna, and weird sound and light effects observed from time to time in the lake. Our story about the least surprising secret Ladoga — unknown to science, a monster, who dwells in the depths of the lake.

The amazing secret of Ladoga — unknown science huge monster that dwells in the depths of the lake

By 1973, include observation strange creature Mantsinsaari resident of the village, Pitkäranta region of Karelia Alexander Konovalov. "In summer 1973 we hunted fish on Lake Ladoga. It was a bright sunny day. There was almost no wind. Looking at the smooth surface of the lake, we saw an object in the distance, on the water and brightly shining in the sun. Actually, we are it, and noticed. At first thought, maybe a boat overturned and even decided to approach him to check, but, looking more closely, they saw the "thing-a" live!

Slowly, he sailed along the coast, but it was evident that he was approaching us. To be honest, we got cold feet, started the engine and directly to the bank, the benefit was not far. The fact that the lake is a monster, I'm still at the time my father told me, and the people they say, that somewhere once he was allegedly seen. I do not believe this, and here and suddenly remembered it all.

Perched on the beaches, we continued to watch and saw that it was a huge animal. It was close, and it was possible to examine the parts that protrude from the water. Length of its body — about a dozen meters, it has been a massive, dark gray. Large head on a long neck.

We noticed even look in the eyes of the monster they were widely separated, and in them the fierceness and anger. Before reaching the shore a few tens of meters, it stopped, then vigorously beat the water, raising the stage splashing and dove. More animals show, although at this point we are still long, afraid to go to the lake. "

Peter Yermolaev Uuksu resident of the village of the same Pitkäranta district, he said, somewhere in the mid-fished, moving far enough into the lake. "Suddenly, fifty meters from my boat seethe water and surfaced head monsters in dark gray — says Yermolayev. — Expanding the huge mouth, the beast gave a hissing sound and then disappeared under the water. I must have gone gray at this moment. "

A resident of the Karelian Sortavala Michael Bardin, being on one of the islands, located near the city, watching the monster through binoculars from a distance of two hundred meters.

"Above the water showed a small head on a graceful neck, well differ very large eyes. The animal probably hunted, Ryskov head in different directions. Then the head disappeared under the water. Thank God that it was far enough and did not pay any attention to me. "

But the family Zvoninyh of urban settlement Salmi says has already become a legend in the history of his daughter, who is ten years old saw a strange animal. "I could throw the stone to him — told the girl. — I saw a long, flexible neck of an animal with a small graceful head, and I loved it. Then it disappeared under the water. "

How could relate to all of these, though few, posts? Completely ignore them or still try to sort out the complicated issue?

We offer three possible explanations for this: it is a false testimony, persons who sincerely believe that they saw a living being, in fact, wrong, real unidentified animal actually lives in Lake Ladoga.

Responding to these possible explanations, we can assume that someone, having lived a long and unblemished life, suddenly tells obviously false story and is ridiculed. You need to know the life of the Karelian village or a small village, to understand that in any such deliberate falsehood does not make sense. Locals is simply not accepted, and always condemned. But the fact that their ancestors passed on "inherited" such "unbelievable" stories, makes us more conscious of the above stories.

Apparently, here also may include delusions and sincere witnesses. Assume that the observer saw not a living being, and the "accumulation of algae" or "waterlogged tree trunk", similarly insulted, because the residents of the Karelian hinterland, most of his life conducting on rivers and lakes, and always had a professional, observation and excellent knowledge of their fishing places. Still every reason not to exclude the possibility of the real existence of some unknown animal in us our own Lake Ladoga.

By the way, Ladoga is not the only place in the world where there are these mysterious creatures. Iceland is still a legend in the lakes of the existence of the mysterious animal skrimsl. In Canada, British Columbia, told from the time of the existence of the Indians in the Lake Okanagan Ogopogo huge animal. In Ireland, since 1945 in the four lakes also observed the existence of a large unidentified animal. Swedish media reported many times about the mysterious inhabitants of the six lakes in the country. And the famous Loch Ness monster in Scotland!

Ladoga is not the only place in the world where there are these mysterious creatures

And our Russian researchers also faced with the mysterious inhabitants of the lake. Recall at least post a zoologist M. Gladskih Haynyr about Lake in northern Yakutia, where there is a mysterious "North monster." Numerous reports of seafarers in the amazing encounters with unknown giant animals, sea snakes in different parts of the world's oceans!

Well, what of it? Despite the fact that the mysterious inhabitant of Lake Ladoga rarely shows us his "face", we will try to explore this one of the most amazing secrets of Ladoga.

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