Landsbergis: We weave the bast of the Belarusian nuclear power plant safety

Honorary Chairman of the Lithuanian "Sąjūdis" MEP Vytautas Landsbergis said that the construction of nuclear power plants in Kaliningrad and Belarus — this advert psychological nuclear war Lithuania, the agency BNS.

"Now, Lithuania declared psychological atomic war. Near our border will be two nuclear power plants, which weave sandals, as if a new system is not the same as in Chernobyl, it will be very safe. But will it be safe, we will see after, how we survive or not survive. Then no one will say, see, they lied! "- Said on Saturday in his speech at the congress" Sąjūdis "Landsbergis.

According to the MEPs, it is planned actions Russia, which wants to have an impact on the statehood of Lithuania.

"(Announced — BNS) psychological atomic warfare, the primary objective of which — no electricity for the Kaliningrad region, because it does not need as much, or for Belarus (…), A master of Moscow ordered the building on the border with Lithuania, where if something happens further questions azhytstsyavyatstsa revenge and future colonization — one shot will kill two birds with one stone, or to create an atmosphere of mistrust and fear that people feel, they live at the foot of the volcano and went to stay away from the border, "- said the honorary chairman of the" Sąjūdis. "

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