Last night was a record cold in parts of central Russia

Last night at the center of much of European Russia was the coldest of the season, recorded the first frost, according Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia.

"In Moscow, according to the station VVC was recorded 5.5 degrees, which is quite close to a record value (4.6 degrees in 1976), it was warmer in the center — about 8 degrees," — said in a statement.

Close to the record high temperature was in Kostroma, where at seven o'clock in the morning the temperature was recorded 3.7 degrees (3.4 degrees Record, 1976).

"In Tver and Smolensk night was the coldest on record. In Tver temperature dropped to 2 degrees, 1 degree below the previous low, noted in 1976. Smolensk in the minimum temperature was 2.7 degrees, it is also lower than the previous record (3.3 degree, 1977), "- reported meteorologists.

In addition, fixed-frozen: in the north-west of Tver and Yaroslavl regions in the north of the temperature fell to 0.4 degrees below zero.

Weak frosts occurred in the south of the Novgorod region, south-east of the Leningrad region, in the south-east of the Arkhangelsk region in the northwest of the Kirov region and the south-west of the Komi Republic and the south-west of the Vologda region. In Vologda, in addition, there has been a new record minimum temperature of — 0.9 degrees. The previous low was recorded in 1983, when the air vyholazhivalsya to 1.1 degrees.

Cooling due to the invasion of cold from the Arctic to the territory of European Russia, in the rear of an active cyclone, which moved to the Middle Volga. Formed in the cold air mass anticyclone promote further cooling in the cloudless weather conditions, says weather center.

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