Lazavik do not care if he gets to the list of banned


Nikolai Lozovik

Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik stated that "European politicians themselves were the organizers of post-election events, so you should ask — who are the judges?"

— Let them sort out with his election. Elections have been ideal. Well, what is there for some easy money then someone began to organize a riot, these measures do not have any relation to the election. Elections are held in accordance with the legislation of Belarus.

— That is, you do not think you will get a list of banned in the EU?

— I gets to the list — it's me, by the way, least of all concerned. If they do not assess the elections, but something else, their bad performances that they rezhysavali, here they can anybody in this list include.

Sergei Kalyakin

One of the leaders of the campaign "For Free Elections" Sergei Kalyakin supports the conclusions reached by the European Parliament with regard to the elections that were not free, fair and transparent. He believes that the announced results do not correspond to reality. According Kalyakina, now the main thing that the prisoners were released. He considers necessary for an international investigation into the events of December 19. This is just the resolution said.

"They're sitting on is a made-up charges. I believe that there were no riots. I believe that if will be madeof international expertise, this much can stand up to the place. And then we can see, this is a political revenge over opponents, or is it something else. "


Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich believes that the resolution of the European Parliament — this is a serious call to the Belarusian authorities.

Its adoption will contribute to a speedy return of Belarus to the democratic path of development.

"Clearly, the role of Russia is important in this situation. In the case of severe restrictions on economic and political contacts with Belarus, Russia can and will use it in their favor, not in favor of a democratic community. So I would like to see the call and put pressure on the authorities and on the Russian authorities that they did not use this situation to their advantage, and in favor of democratic reforms. "

Leonid Zaika

Economic sanctions called for by the European Parliament in its resolution, the head of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika finds little sensitive:

"The most severe sanctions, which should beware — is to stop buying oil products. There is not a word. In other words, Europe will quietly go on the Belarusian gasoline to pay for this $ 12 billion annually, and does not require any investment. The European Parliament has done what he can do. For them, it seems to me — big penalties. For the Kremlin, it is almost nothing. A for Belarus it's tolerable. "


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