Legends of our city. The truth is out there.


Flying Saucers is visited daily by a city of metallurgists. A Vologda field has recently been used as a launch site. These are not empty words. To everything there — the evidence and witnesses.

Regardless of whether we believe it or not, there are UFOs. Because it is a UFO — an unidentified flying object, and you never know what is flying, we can not identify? By the way, every tenth Earthling believe in the existence of other worlds and aliens, and one in a thousand claims that they have seen.

With only his grandfather Makar, a resident of a village in the district of Cherepovets, not prividitsya. But at that time — something appeared from nowhere to nowhere and flew away, I saw not only him. There have been other cases, eyewitness Alexander Kornilov: "My grandmother slept, his father shouted — go look! I see — there is a large UFO, then I was a little. "

This is the case even if v1989 newspaper wrote. By the way, according to the UFO, it was in the 89th Cherepovets visited a maximum of UFOs. And Sasha became interested in the unknown, the unknown, flying. Examine and scrutinize the sky has become a habit. And suddenly see again. In that case, even the camera is always with you. And it turned out — for good reason. Alexander saw the star-like object with a glow. 15 seconds it moved in the sky. A couple of moments, captured on camera. As it turned out, the unidentified objects over the city of metallurgists — again frequent. The last case was recorded September 12, 2008 …

Roman Golubev leads a team of researchers in our city. "Cherepovets — Kosmopoisk" — part of a large nationwide organization. This is serious. Studies confirm reports. In recent reports, increasingly appeared Cathedral Hill. How to place a special attraction UFOs, says Roman Golubev: "A place for the construction of temples special choose, here is the place of strength."

Immaculate energy temples like aliens so that they are fueled by it on Cathedral Hill almost every month. But not only that attracts Cherepovets, say, UFOs are interested in industrial and military installations. Pursuing an interest in our sides, originated much earlier, when there were no plants and there was no trace.

Official science — skeptical of such facts, they say, perhaps, but hard to believe. Therefore, all unidentified aerial vehicles for more than 60 years studying the ufologists.

It was with a light witty journalists, UFOs were called plates. Although this form they are quite rare. Most spherical, or other complex structures. How else would take from the fields specific tracks?

Such a prodigy appeared in the area Babaevsky August 2 this year. Three weeks later, the researchers — went to the scene the alleged UFO landing. Even the fresh grass has had time to bark, but the circles were clearly visible.

Soil analysis showed no abnormalities. By an amazing fact — there. Previously, there were signs on English fields, but they say this year's cereal crop failure in Britain. But we have — to 20 quintals per hectare harvested. Maybe that's why, for the first time in Russia, Vologda field landed something. But it is not known for certain.

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