Live Now Uri Geller cause mass psychosis of Russians!


Broad manner advertised magician, magician Uri Geller and gipnotezer cause mass psychosis among the audience. This was stated by the head of special projects Transnistrian sociological information-analytical "C-Center", a psychologist Alla Buchkova.

In his comments on the subject, she drew attention to the "phenomenon Kashpirovsky, Chumaka and other figures of the restructuring. Created by TV hype around them has led to millions of TV viewers got from them a psychological dependence. The number who ultimately Arcane sessions in psychiatric hospitals and suicides of people have never voiced, but the bill went to the thousands of victims. Today we see a resurgence of black magic on television and it is certainly a negative impact on the psychological state of the Russian and CIS audience. Before turning on the show "Phenomenon" should think very carefully about their future and their children's health, "stressed Alla Buchkova.

Recall that today on the channel "Russia" will start a new show called "Phenomenon", the format of which is unique to the domestic television.
It will begin with a presentation of the famous magician and psychic Uri Geller. Israeli parapsychologist, known to viewers as the man who stopped the Big Ben and easy bending metal spoons touch of fingers, will oversee the Russian participants of the show. Ten of the most outstanding of Russians who have unexplained abilities and selected by a three-month casting, will compete for the title of best in the country. Conduct live program will be Denis Semenihin and dilute the army of magicians in the studio guest stars in show business.

Geller's first TV project was launched in Israel in 2007 and has collected a record ratings interested U.S. broadcaster NBC. Today, the project is a licensed product and comes with success in many countries, which also collects consistently high ratings. According to the TV channel "Russia", the show could be a "bomb of the season." Project supervisor first deputy general director of TV Company "Russia" Alexander Lyubimov promises unprecedented performance: "In the homes of viewers spoons will not just bend, but the fly in the apartment. Non-working hours will earn over the years. " Uri Geller himself adds: "You will see it, from what you hair stand on end." In this parapsychologist claims that hundreds of thousands of Russians even quit smoking after watching his show.

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