Locusts reached Tatarstan

On the territory of the rural settlement Tashkichuyskogo Jutazinsky municipal area specialists Rosselhoztsentra locusts found in RT (its variety — Italian locust) last week. Numbers in some areas reached 15 — 20 individuals per square meter. Fireplace Company in them. Tukai per hectare increased to 20 hectares. Immediately after the discovery of the locust was held insecticidal treatment fields and the necessary farming practices.

Timely solutions to issues to prevent the spread and destruction of dangerous pests — locusts and webworm — An operative headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tajikistan. Yesterday, in the name of the farm Tukai held its first meeting, which adopted an action plan to eliminate pockets of migratory locusts in Jutazinsky district. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Ildus Gabdrakhmanov specialists FSI "Rosselhoztsentr" on RT, district leadership, farm managers and others

Until our country swarms of locusts destroyed all the green in the Volgograd and Rostov regions, Bashkortostan. In Dagestan, where the attack of these voracious pests — a rare phenomenon, the effects of locusts came as a shock to the public. In the village of Tube in gardens, fields, plantations do not have even stalks. Pests destroying everything in its path: potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, garden flowers and even garlic …

Now selhozspetsialisty not make any predictions or provide comments on the further spread of flying pest, but claim that all the necessary drugs and equipment to destroy the locusts have and used. Hopefully, the enemy will not pass on Yutazy.

BTW. Locust — voracious pest: the day she eats two to three times more green matter than the weight itself. Each individual in the period of his life eats about 50 — 100 g greens. The larvae and adults of gregarious locusts are able to perform the migration, destroying in its path all vegetation. The flight speed of adult locusts is 8 — 10 miles per hour. Insects can not occur every year, and not everywhere, but when it decides to attack, the sight can be scary. As a rule, locusts live alone and brings harm to no more than the usual grasshopper. However, if present in abundance around the plant food, insects begin to multiply rapidly. Millions of larvae collected in one place, you need more food, and they are united in the search for her. On his way devour all vegetation. But this is not so bad. A disaster happens when locusts grow wings and it increases the speed many times.

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