Lucyna Khalip: I tell people that I am proud of his daughter '

According to Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov, in the case of the riots on December 19 held 50 people, and the work of some of them may go to trial in February. What is new is known about the main defendants in the case, who are in the prison of the KGB "American"?

"The attempt of the armed revolution" called the events of December 19 at the Independence Square Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov, that on January 26 gave a press conference at the National Press Center. By Kuleshov, in a criminal case on the riots already included 50 people.

The mother of journalist Rockets, accused in the riots, minister denies Kuleshov. No weapons at the demonstrators were not, suggests Lucyna Khalip and says that she personally proud of her daughter:

"When people ask me, especially nebelorusskie journalists — they say, but how … you've done it so many problems, maybe you are unhappy … I always tell them that I am proud of my daughter. That's all. And everything else I'm with her to find out later, when this is all over. "

January 26 mother and father Irina Khalip received a second letter from her. By Lucyna Khalip Irina does not report something special, writes that it is healthy and everything is fine. "I am healthy and optimistic", — quotes the daughter Lucyna Yu. According to previous letters sent to Irina relatives of Irene reaction to them is not, so his mother thinks that these letters did not reach her. But the transfer of missiles to reach:

"Thank you for sending and sending. Thanks to them, I've got plenty. "

Also, according to Irina Khalip, it has a daily walk. On some investigations of her participation is not reported.

A day earlier, on January 25, came a letter to relatives and coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko. It was his first letter to the will. It is dated the 21st of January. "The letter is very short — Hello everyone and please convey certain drugs. Horns torn sheet — perhaps there was a number of the sheet, because I was convinced that this was not the first letter Dima wrote home. Also, as in all the other prisoners, there is no word on whether any investigations are carried out actions ", — said Olga Bondarenko, the wife of the prisoner.

But the wife of the leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko— With the majority of which is already more than a week is no information on her husband does not have, including a lawyer, which the prisoner is not allowed:

"The lawyer for him could not get. As she tried, nothing. Thus, nothing new about it do not know. As written in the letter that he was alive and well, that's all. Another thing, if that letter was written, "- said Svetlana Lebedko.

In fact, all the lawyers KGB prison inmates suggests, that they have a lot of days are not allowed to defendants. Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov commented on the situation in the prison colleagues as follows:

"For several reasons for this. The first — the rules regulations of the closed institution. Second — internal reasons related to the regulatory agencies, such as public health services. Third — the human factor: illness, vacation, meeting. And plus, we must remember that today is not really enough room not only for lawyers, but also for the investigators. "

I did not violate any provisions of the law, and therefore, I do not apologize to anyone, and there is nothing.

Anatoly Kuleshov also admitted to reporters that it is personally gave the order to "stop the unauthorized rally" on December 19 at the Independence Square. In order to disperse the rally that was illegally used force and injured innocent, Minister Kuleshov disagree. "I acted to maintain order and stability", — said Anatoly Kuleshov:

"Why should I go on about those who deliberately, for personal purposes violates the law? Therefore the answer is that I have not violated any provisions of the law, and therefore, I do not apologize to anyone, and not for that. "

Anatoly Kuleshov after the press conference.

According to human rights activists during the dispersal of the rally on Independence Square affected by the actions of the police and sought medical help about 50 people. Of the more than 600 detainees evening of 19 December, several dozen were people who did not participate in the rally, but were caught by police in various places around the area, including Nyamiha Street and near the train station.



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