Lukashenko promises the most severe sanctions against the European Union

Alexander Lukashenko instructed the government to prepare the tough measures in response to the possible introduction of EU sanctions against the Belarusian leadership.

"Government Order one: if anyone tries to impose on the country's economic or other sanctions, we must respond immediately, prepare response measures up to the toughest" — quotes "Interfax"Lukashenko's statement at the meeting on some domestic issues.

"No sag under whom we do not intend, and tilted us nobody is allowed. And it should absolutely respect anyone who tries to push and block the country, whether it is a separate group of countries or even the European Union as a whole" — quoted Lukashenko BELTA.

Alexander Lukashenko also said that "Financing of the conspiracy against the Belarusian State" implemented mainly Germany and Poland.

"You've probably noticed how violently attacked by the Germans and the Poles of Belarus. Let me here accuse law enforcement or someone else, but I have to say today that all of the programs and a huge part of the money came from Germany and Poland, or via Germany and Poland. There's also written the program and the overthrow of the constitutional order. And it is not an invention of the security services. This is the testimony of those who organized it, "- said Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday at a meeting on some domestic issues.

Lukashenko also said the futility of pressure in Europe and the U.S. to release those arrested on charges of rioting in Minsk on December 19:

"Not only in the investigative agencies, but also in the whole country there are a number of questions that we are waiting for their responses. And sit like mice under a broom in a detention facility and to think that tomorrow the Americans or the Europeans will come and liberate them, futile. "

"We can not bury our heads in the sand and leave the discussion of issues. Situation demands of us a solid, balanced and thoughtful solutions. Today we need to carefully consider all measures to protect the country's sovereignty, economic and geopolitical interests. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I am waiting for concrete proposals to counter the anti-Belarusian campaign abroad. We need to develop a set of measures that do not allow to make our country a pawn in someone else's game and strike at our economy, security and sovereignty, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

"Of course, we're not going to hide the problems that may possibly arise in connection with the events of the night of December 19. None of those who in the course of events on December 19, has no doubt that against our country was organized conspiracy. Sponsored its foreign intelligence agencies, and the role of local performers took renegades and rogues from politics, "- said Lukashenko.

He noted that many are trying to blame the KGB, the Interior Ministry and the entire power unit in the country that they allegedly misled and deceived the president.

"I'm going to ask in this regard to all calm down and realize one thing: first to protect the sovereignty and independence of the country and the system that works, is the president. No action the police did not take, do not take and do not undertake to restore order in the country without the authorization of the President"- Said Lukashenko.

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