Magnetic storms overwhelm humans one by one

Under real "fire" solar plasma hit Earth this week.

Following outbreaks of middle and upper class, who must call on our planet has a magnetic storm on September 9-10, experts predict a new, even more powerful emission on the star.
As reported by "MC" at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism and Radio Wave Propagation, more frequent solar flares indicates the occurrence of its active phase. So, the next group of active regions for the first time showed itself Tuesday class M5.5 flare. Then on Wednesday night, at 2 pm, Moscow time, the central region of the solar disk in the direction of the Earth has been discarded the next portion of the plasma class above — X2.2. By the end of the week this stream reaches the Earth. He is likely to lead to disturbance of the geomagnetic field, which will cause deterioration in weather-sensitive people. On Wednesday for 14 hours increased traffic solar radiation (it moves faster plasma) was registered space satellites.

However, the researchers predict a new outbreak, which, by all indicators, should be even more powerful than the previous one. According to them, it is already brewing in the western part of the solar disk. The first, which will be on her way again become satellites that fly on distant orbits — they have as a result of the powerful proton attack may refuse electronics. But following her "victims" will be weather-sensitive humans.

Despite the negative consequences of this solar activity, our star never ceases to delight us with their amazing phenomena. Solar eclipse — just a few of them! How many more have to solve puzzles scientists about our luminary? How many interesting facts about it, we can do it. Even the above eclipse worthy special attention!

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