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According to TV analysts, one of the latest trends next autumn — psychic and paranormal. So, you and I will learn a lot about UFOs, ghosts and people who are able to get in touch with the other. About this material Dmitry Biryukov and Oksana Naralenkovoy in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

B On the TV channel "Russia" today, August 22, kicks off the program "Phenomenon", the main protagonist which will be familiar to our audience since the Soviet era parapsychologist and psychic Uri Geller. Uri Geller first appeared on the national television in 1991 in the "View". Then the Soviet viewers captured the fashion for the supernatural and extraordinary, liberated from the shackles of years of domination of militant atheism and does not differentiate between flying saucers, "Barabashka" and serious religion, tried to surprise the appearance of psychics, right on television charging water, ointments and "Cram" . This is it, the all-powerful Uri, right out of the TV studio wound up vintage watch viewers in homes, as well as fused aluminum spoons with a thought and sight. It was he who stopped the live famous London's Big Ben.

Show "Phenomenon" has long been out in different countries: Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary. Geller does not show there the phenomenal abilities (for them and so we all know), and watching the skills of participants invited. However, he is not a judge, to decide who the best nuggets from the provincial to be spectators, but also those who are invited to the program of domestic stars — glittering in the sky movies, sports and celebrities.

Nevertheless, the show is the show, and Geller also can not hold up their tricks of magnetic. As promised the authors of the program, homes are flying objects, stop and wind up again the very clockworks. The show will go on air. All this will offer viewers take a picture or record a video using their mobile phones, and then send the image to the studio to a number that will appear on the TV show.

B CTC Network full preparing for the new season. On August 25, the daily air weekdays on the channel will be program "Medium." Authors of the project set a goal — to catch in the camera lens all the unsolved mysteries of the planet. Mysticism, spirituality and paranormal phenomena firmly settle on television this season. The peculiarity of the project — a claim to objectivity. Comprising "Medium" will of stories that explore the mysterious and unexplained phenomena, as well as the "star" of stories in which celebrities will share with the audience mysterious events of his life. So, Stas Peha tell about his difficult relationship with the number 13, the actress Zhanna Epple — how mysterious "voice" to help her avoid unpleasant situations, and the singing and the family duo Viktor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova tells the incredible story of how they came a failure in time.

To transmit will be thirty-two magician illusionist and showman Michael Tsitelashvili.

L While on TNT is preparing to enter the sixth season of super popular reality show "Battle of the Psychics", the channel has decided to take the audience with stories from the life of the project winners. Natalia Vorotnikova, Zulia Rajabov Iranian Mehdi magician, mysterious Tursunoy and Lily Khegai will share with the audience how they actually came to such a life — are psychics, and how to change their fate after their paranormal abilities experimented with TV. How much more will be enough popular talent in terms of psychic, how many more seasons of "The Battle of psychics," wait on our TV? In a conversation with the correspondent "RG" channel executives have repeatedly pointed out that the people that pretend to be a psychic in Russia very much. At the preliminary auditions lined up an impressive turn. And the TV ratings show that viewers attention to the subject is not quenched. So it is quite likely that the story of the psychics on TNT yet another screen will handicap macrobiotic — reality "Dom-2".

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