Mental strange policy of the U.S. and the President of the Russian Federation

According to statements made by psychologists, is that success is determined by a person as a politician far not only his professor properties. Far more important role is played here is such a thing as a mental picture. Not that that would specifically charisma … With all of this most unusual in the fact that more success may be accompanied by a policy if it is psychological portrait will be not the most appropriate from the standpoint of medicine. In other words, if a politician has some difficulties with the psyche, then it will be much easier to not simply lay hold of the attention of the electorate, and the electorate is easier to configure this on their support, forcing applaud (even twirling a finger to his temple), reports Time.

Psychological strange policy of the U.S. and Russian President

This is namely are talking South American special on social psychology, who conducted the study encompassing statements and actions at once several U.S. presidents, according to a study posted in the publication Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. According to the views of American psychologists and sociologists, there is need to introduce special rating — rating of "abnormal Fearless", which defines the political force of this or other South American favorite. The reason for this unusual concept is that politician can go to such risk, which would have at least some adequate man do not even dare. Specifically, this South American psychologists in a specific manner of excuses are unleashing adventurous military campaigns from the United States. If you managed that rating "abnormal Fearless" from American professionals, we can state that a prominent South American presidents (at the same beliefs of psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists) are figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Just see the list of people with trivial inadequacy, which is called the South American experts at one of the main components of success of the political, does not go acting south american favorite — Barack Obama. And over the past half a century is the "list abnormal" were the presidents of the United States such as Democrats Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Republican Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George HW Bush. It turns out that these gentlemen, to judge based only on the outlook of American psychologists have been more appropriate from the standpoint of manifestations of psychological characteristics, if those who have been called up. It turns out that Bush Sr. all the same adequate W. Bush and John F. Kennedy inadequate, for example, Gerald Ford. But if Americans already own for their own political leaders have invented such a scale, they will, as they say, and the cards in hand, who and what places on this scale have.

We are still more interested in the problem of the adequacy of the political forces in modern Russia. But we can motivate it in the sense that as a political adventurism, multiplied by the mental characteristics of the policy, can lure positive attention from the Russian public, and how the authorities are ready to take advantage of it.

If we are such a topic is concerned, and it must be considered a person who under the Constitution is the basic policy of the country, I mean President Vladimir Putin. Guided by the rules of drawing up a portrait of mental policy, you need to deal with issues such as character, which manifests itself in a variety of situations, including, in the extreme, self-assessment, the level of the mind and intelligence, the ability to control their own emotions.

Vladimir Putin with a mental point of view can be considered as a person who due to the current events is used to winning and used to the fact that the majority of Russians consider it a real favorite. As they say, you get used to the great fast … But the same mental stereotype very often plays against the incumbent. The fact that the habit of victories sensation of conscious awareness of the real political weight. Even if the weight at some point of time is reduced, then the person or trying not to notice and show others and priemuschestvenno to you that this is in fact not the case, or to build a kind of wall of psychic protection.

In Vladimir Putin's build walls manifested itself earlier and shown at the moment. The manifestation is that the president, responding to criticism of opponents and the issues that are, tell them so awkward, the conversation itself into an ordinary plane. Vladimir Putin's favorite trick in this regard following: the president of the first step is trying to bring the essence of the issue or jokes, or he answer to this, that he destroyed all the probable seriousness of the question posed. Taking advantage of its very strong sense of humor, Putin at this point adjusts to his side, who are currently not ready to determine on whose side he was on — on Putin's side or on the side of the person asking quite sharp, and even frankly provocative question . If Vladimir Putin remarked that his favorite trump card fails, then it uses the traditional rule of thumb: the best defense — attack. Many experts in the field of psychology, and of completely ordinary people have noticed that all the laws of the political genre from the president to wait for the direct and specific answers to this question is very difficult, especially if such issues in their own subtext (or set it directly) could potentially lead to answer, one way or another defamatory power politics. Putin may simply ignore itself question, but instead it is the coming of the man who asks such a question. And the longer the response of the President and ornate, much less clear it becomes that he is trying to hide behind a wall of words, often realizing that his position in this case is very controversial and slippery.

Naturally, it is possible to put a reproach to the president, but on the other hand, president — A politician. If we assume that the politician will constantly show weakness in front of those who are trying to attack him, the days of such rights, particularly as policy, are deemed (defining "difficult" questions themselves are well aware of). People will claim himself at the mercy of change, as the softness in this case can not be forgiven. Someone may call it charisma, someone talk about the mental blinkers president, praising someone for his firmness, and someone for her to criticize, but specifically the laws of psychology they say that politicians and quite hard straight at all times support a greater number of people than those who were in line "today — one, the next day you can experience both."

If you read, using the term American psychologists, and specifically, the "abnormal Fearless", then perhaps Fishing season so, I may say, is unlikely to grant the epithet is true. Putin, if they wanted a certain circle of people (both supporters as well, by the way, and enemies) are not always aimed at a specific final result. Apparently, the president from time to time provides for myself, it's time to roll up your sleeves and solve this or any other problem of sore, but later, when it turns out that this problem is stronger than it, or trying to transfer their activities to other rails, or delays of this kind of solution to the best times.

The president's supporters want his words are always combined with real action, opponents also seek out at least some reason to assure that Putin's
words and deeds in a particular case broke. Vladimir Putin himself, considering his public appearances (as viewed from the other side of us, of course, the ability to not), in this regard, is trying to suppress their mental potentials often manifested publicly negative. But he is not ready to shoot from the hip. Putin, apparently as a result of their own work in the security services, is trying to look pretty relaxed, which, we must admit, in most cases, is out. If he made a mistake, he is, of course, hard to admit it. In all the years when he was at the helm of Russian politics, the number of such admissions can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Of course, this is just another psychological ring frame which put pressure on Vladimir Putin, because he understands that even insignificant recognition of his mistake — it is an occasion for his opponents to put a surgical strike throughout constructed vertically. A reluctance to admit mistakes increases the number of his enemies. Such a political plug.

Yukos sufficiently predictable, but at the same time as at least some Russian people, due to their own respective characteristics quite slowly reacts to external configuration. As they say, long harnesses, but it is rapidly coming, and that is reflected in the adoption of decisions are often very extravagant on the issues that seemingly achieved far less eagerness on the part of the president.
Power psychology Putin is that it is far from political madness and dashing aside from side to side. But as no surprise in this fraction has its own helplessness. The fact that a person walking along a predictable path in advance, can not wait ahead early cooked barrier. Those who fished the kind of mental inertia and straightness of having the place to be in today's Russian government can use this inertia. If Vladimir Putin does not lust meet insurmountable obstacles in front of him, then pinch some political adventurism it obviously does not hurt.

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