Meteorologists: a crimson sunset in Israel resulted in volcanic dust from Eritrea

Meteorologists: a crimson sunset in Israel resulted in volcanic dust from Eritrea

The last few weeks the Israelis can watch extraordinarily beautiful sunsets: the rays of the setting sun illuminate the horizon longer than usual, turning it purple. The head of the meteorological service of the Second Channel ITV Elad Zohar explains that the "culprit" for this is volcanic ash from Eritrea.

Volcanic eruption in Eritrea began on the night of Monday, June 13, a day later a cloud of volcanic ash has reached southern Israel. It did not affect air traffic, but brought the "romantic sunsets" in the Middle East region.

Elad Zohar explains that the typical "summer sunset in Israel" is fast-paced and the sky is almost black due to accumulation of moisture in the lower atmosphere, at the surface of the earth. But the dust thrown up a volcano in the atmosphere leads to the dispersion of light in the wavelength region of the spectrum, and the high humidity and the abundance of water vapor in the sky painted red and red tones.

According to specialists, the volcanic dust can remain in the atmosphere for several months over Israel, and that means that the Israelis will have time to enjoy a "romantic" sunsets.

Elad Zohar emphasizes that the volcanic ash is so high that it is not dangerous for people with asthma or allergies to dust.

Note that after the eruption of the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa in 1883, the ash in the atmosphere for more than three years. With atmospheric currents he circled the globe three times. Unusual purple sunsets caused by volcanic dust, were observed while in Paris, Sydney and San Francisco for a few months. In some parts of the planet sun seemed blue and the moon — bright green.

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