Meteorologists expect the arrival of the center of Russia snowy and windy weather

Frost and sun at the center of European Russia to the environment will change cloudy and windy with snow, thaw, which will be replaced by the end of the week a new cold snap, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to meteorologists, on Monday and Tuesday, the weather in the central region will determine the anticyclone, on Tuesday night frost will increase to 4-11 degrees below zero, sometimes up to 12-17 degrees, but the day will thaw.

From Wednesday the weather will form a series of active North Atlantic cyclones. "Weather will be highly volatile. Amid falling atmospheric pressure will increase wind gusts it will be up to 15 meters per second. Alternates between periods of cloudy weather with precipitation, which will be held in the form of snow and sleet, and clearing in the cloud cover. Ensure passage of atmospheric fronts quick change of air masses and significant fluctuations in temperature background, "- said in a statement.

On Wednesday night the temperature will drop to 4-11 degrees below zero on Thursday — to 6-13 degrees, in places up to 18 degrees Celsius. Day temperature will rise to a small "plus". But Friday will be the final day in the thaw period.

"Over the weekend, at the center of European Russia begins to penetrate the colder air. Times will snow and zakruzhat Snowstorm. By Saturday evening to 5-12 degrees colder (average daily temperature is below the norm by 2-3 degrees). Sunday thermometer readings continue fall, "- said the weather center.

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