Minister Kuleshov said the police did not beat Neklyaeva

Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov denied reports that police on December 19 Nyamiha Street in Minsk was beaten to unconsciousness presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva.

The argument in favor of such a statement, Mr. Kuleshov chose that journalists were not able to fix the photo and video attacks the police:

"Could the police presidential candidate, which was in the thick of the action, a strike, and that you have not fixed it, if the blow was struck by a police officer, but today all over the world media was notified to the picture. But this did not happen. Then I have a question: Who hit him? The answer is: not the police, "- said Kuleshov, addressing reporters.

Journalists reacted to it that all of their colleagues during an attack that police officials put the snow.

Moreover, Minister Kuleshov said that the police did not violate the rights of journalists, not intentionally beat journalists and seize their equipment and data media in the framework of the law.

On the actions of the police during the dispersal of the rally on Independence Square Kuleshov said:

"There was one goal as well to act on the Independence Square. We did not make active steps in order not to provoke the crowd to resist."

Speaking about the events of December 19, Kuleshov said that he did not violate any item of legislation and he did not apologize for that, "I kept the peace and stability."

By Kuleshov, already the first days of February, for certain individuals who are accused of involvement in the riots on December 19, Criminal cases go to court.

Anatoly Kuleshov spoke to reporters today with a report on the results of the police in 2010.

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