Minsk City will consider the case, which has twice considered

Today, the Minsk City Court will hear the case again businessman UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko, who has already served a year and a half on a charge, which does not agree.

Summer is two years as a member of the United Civil Party, by 2008 a successful businessman Andrey Bondarenko behind bars. Bondarenko in 2008 tried to become a member of the Belarusian parliament and did not accept the official results of the election, according to which the lost. The protests ended with the businessman that he brought a criminal case — allegedly robbed the former own firm. Andrei Bondarenko at the time left Belarus, and when he returned to visit a young son, has been arrested. The first trial gave Bondarenko 7 years in prison for theft, a second court action reclassified to fraud and reduce the time for a year. Andrei Bondarenko and this sentence is not agreed and made the abolition of the sentence, the review of the Minsk City Court. The punishment he is serving in Bobruisk colony. It is known that the administration treats it very tough — a few times Bondarenko was in solitary confinement, held a hunger strike. Late last year, the prisoner was transferred to a detention center on Minsk Volodarskogo — wait for retrial. Father Andrew Valeri Bondarenko talks about a new turn in his son.

"Got a normal judge — overturned the verdict. It used to be all clear that there is not no crime, no one there did not steal anything, it was not necessary. Letters from him for a long time was not there. In Bobruisk it almost all the time were kept in the "shyzo" but as brought to Minsk, the more the correspondence ended. But he was a lawyer on Thursday, saying that everything is fine with him, eaten off. Transfer for him there was. "

In the United Civil Party, a member of which was Andrei Bondarenko, have repeatedly said the political nature of the persecution of Andrei Bondarenko. On the eve of the process on the GPO said that "continues to monitor the case Bondarenko and await trial" rightly solutions. "


It will be recalled and another famous prisoner — Autukhovich, who is serving five years in prison in Ivatsevichy. Activist Siuchyk reported on the recent news from Autuhovich — political prisoner from the prison could pass that through the media following the latest developments in the country and is very worried about the fate of those arrested on December 19.

I called his mother Autuhovich Lilies Yulyanovna, who lives in Vawkavysk. According to her Nicholas set of dentures, but nothing about the health of his son's mother does not know.

"He needs a real cure. After such a long hunger strike, which he passed, he tore health completely — no living space. He told me about it does not want to write, because I do not want to bother me, but I feel my mother's soul, as he bad there . "

Let me remind you Autukhovich as Andrei Bondarenko, has pleaded not guilty and continues to fight for a retrial. Protects Autuhovich Paul Sapelka, which now has a lawyer and a former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov.

In 2010, the Supreme Court of Belarus found Autuhovich guilty of illegal acts with weapons. The charge of preparing a terrorist attack Autuhovich court dismissed.

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