Minsk police: Do Taras skated fingers tactless

In Minsk police called indecent actions of the police, who removed the fingerprints of the deceased Vitaly Taras.

The policeman, removing fingerprints from a deceased Vitaly Taras in the presence of his relatives, acted inappropriately. BelaPAN spokesman Alexander Lastouski Minsk police.

"This position is — unique," — he said. What will be the assessment of the actions of officers of internal affairs of the leadership of the city militia, police spokesman does not know yet.

According Lastovskogo, even if the police officer in their job duties do had fingerprints of the deceased, the needed assess the situation and become a part of in the correct manner to explain their actions to relatives, do everything gently and delicately, not in public. "He's onbehaved wrong ", — stated the spokesman for the police department.

The famous writer, journalist and publicist Vitaly Taras died on the night of 17 to 18 January. As reported by his wife Elena Lukashevich, the night officer of the Internal Affairs of the Central district of Minsk at first was a paper saying that the cause of death, Vitali is not violence, and prolonged cancer.

"Then the police officer started to remove finger prints from Vitaly, what we expressed categorical opposition. Policeman explained his actions by the relevant Law. This police officer said that the deceased family do not have the right to refuse this procedure," — said Lukashevich.

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