Minsk residents breathe clean air

MINSK, June 22. According to the study, this year the proportion of air samples in Minsk from exceeding the maximum one-time maximum allowable concentrations of less than 3%. The quality of the air in the capital of Belarus told the head of the Minsk city center of hygiene and epidemiology, the Chief Medical Officer Ivan Wojtowicz Minsk, BelTA has learned.

"The share of air, in which there is excess, — less than 3%. Compared to other large cities it's a good picture, "- said Wojtowicz. However, he drew attention to the fact that the city has a territory, which is celebrated more intense air pollution. More than 80% of the emissions have to trucks.

The quality of the air breathed by citizens of Minsk, followed by 12 fixed sites for the National Center of Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring. Well as the city center of hygiene and epidemiology organized 38 block posts in certain points of the capital to monitor certain substances, such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, phenol, etc. Besides the main company of the city must have control of atmospheric air on the substances that emit into the atmosphere.

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