Mirror — a time machine?

November 23, 2011 13:34

What is there in the mirror?

Mirrors attributed many mystical properties. Like, they can see the past and the future, they are able to absorb the energy of people and inanimate objects, mirrors — the "window" in the other reality. Hence arose the custom of closing them when the house is dead, and there was a sign that smash the mirror — for disaster. But the Mystery, and, as they say, there is no smoke without fire. It turns out that "mirror magic" has long been a subject of scientific experiments!

"Mirror Room"

Psychiatrist Raymond Moody, author of the famous book "Life After Life", dedicated to post-mortem existence of the soul, more than 10 years engaged in research of the phenomenon of "mirror clairvoyant." Moody Considered numerous stories about the appearance in the mirror reflection of dead people. It turns out that even in ancient Greece, there were the so-called psychomanteum where clients consult with their deceased loved ones, whose ghosts "come" in the mirror. Moody decided to create something similar to the ancient Greek institution. On the top floor of an old mill in Alabama professor held a "mirror room", whose windows were tightly closed and shuttered. Mounted on the wall in front of a large mirror in the room stood a chair, located at an angle such that the visitor can not see your reflection in it. It reflects only the black velvet curtain, against whom and what comes.
The project involved people of different professions — lawyers, psychologists, physicians, and students.
Dr. Moody asked volunteers are pre-set for the next contact with the deceased loved one.
To do this, they looked at pictures, touch things that belonged to the deceased, remembered him. Evening were taken to an experimental "mirror room" illuminates a dim bulb. The man sat in a chair and relax, disconnect your brain from all the stranger. After that, the subject began to carefully look into the mirror's surface.
In the next room assistant on duty, ready to help in case of emergencies. At the end of the experiment with a party held for a long interview in which he talked about what he saw and felt during that time.
Half of the volunteers said that they had seen in the mirror of their dead relatives and talk to them.
However, some were told that they were very different, not "think" people, often those who attributed some unfinished test, but significant relationships.

Time to turn back?

Aluminum mirror Kozyrev (model)

Mirrors and associated possibility of time travel. Renowned astrophysicist NA Kozyrev conducted at the Pulkovo Observatory numerous experiments to create devices that can move items into the past. He managed to capture changes in the fraction of a second, such as the dissolution of certain substances in the water, if the space was screened (limited) with the help of mirrors.
Director of the Institute of General Pathology and Human Ecology VP Treasurers conducted a number of experiments with mirrors Kozyrev. Volunteer for a few hours was placed inside the chamber, which has a slightly curved reflective inner surface of the metal. Subjects then told that they face in this mirror as on the silver screen, unfolding scenes from the past or the future, often did not have anything to do with him personally. The subjects were given a detailed description of the events which excluded questioned the authenticity of the apparitions.

Mirror "clairvoyance"

In 2010, in the journal Journal of Personality and Social Psychology article appeared Scientist Congress, Professor D. Bam, in which he presented the results of their research. Scientist proved that anyone can pick up signals coming to us from the future.
The essence of the experiment was as follows. Before the subject put a computer monitor, divided into two halves, each of which was drawn opaque curtain. Students are encouraged to guess at what it is half of the image.
But it was not just a test for guessing. The image on the screen is fed by a random number generator, but not before, but after a student gave an answer.
As it turned out, if the image was emotionally neutral, the number of correct and incorrect answers are in the ratio of 50 to 50, as expected by the theory of probability. If the picture was of the emotional expression of the character (for example, had an erotic content), the number of correct answers prevailed. But people involved in the experiments without distinct abilities ESP!
One more detail: the right answers were given more often if there were a mirror in the room!

The secret of divination

Who does not know ancient practice of divination on the mirrors? As a rule, so guess young girls during Christmas time. Put next to each other two mirrors between them — a candle, sit down at one of the mirrors and begin to look into the dark corridor. Many then tell if the mirror he saw different images. Typically, wondering
to her betrothed.
Biologist, popular science V. Mezentsev in the "Encyclopedia of miracles" clearly states all "mirror vision" — is not nothing but just hallucinations.
"As always held divination? — He writes. — A girl waiting late at night, alone in a dark room. Lights a candle and sat down at the table. Trying not to move, she just stared at the mirror surface. Minute walk, and gradually she falls half asleep. And then in her "Twilight" consciousness arises as the "Twilight" fleeting vision images. But check out what imagined guessing, no way. "

The images of the other measurements

For a somewhat different conclusion experts from Moscow State University. University. Ambush in the laboratory "mirror area" and thus creating a situation which is usually what happens in the process of divination on the mirrors, they made drawings with monotypes. Monotypic way — this is when applied to a smooth surface irregular dabs of paints, and then placing it on a clean sheet of paper. It remains strange blobs, some of which can be guessed familiar objects.
It turned out that the number of distinct recognizable images of people, animals and objects that appeared in the "mirror office" far exceeded the average statistic! In some cases, even on paper imprinted thoughts of participants.
This fact is indirectly confirmed by the so-called Casimir effect, discovered in 1948. German physicist Heinrich Casimir, working with colloidal solutions, found that between two mirrors inside the ring or hoop-mirror (mirror Kozyrev, already mentioned above) changes the gravitational rate, and this can lead to the distortion of space and time. That is, being in the "mirror room", we can get information from other dimensions!
Of course, not everything in this theory is clear. For example, if space and time are distorted, what consequences this might have? The mechanism by which different visions in the mirrors still not fully understood. May lie ahead are still many new discoveries.


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