Missile invitation

Already which year is being debated South American anti-missile project. For the purposes of this system call themselves Americans so-called ballistic missiles unreliable regimes. At first, the Pentagon nods in the direction of Iran and North Korea. At the same time, in the past since the beginning of the ABM 15-20 years these countries did not appear new delivery systems which could cover the distance from the own launchers to the surrounding areas of the United States. As for the existing missiles of intercontinental range, then their main operator — Our homeland. From this very often concludes that the present appointment of U.S. missile defense.

Missile invitation

Administration of the United States often have to listen to the claims of the Russian Federation with regard to the defense system being created. With all of this for some reason Washington prefers to be limited purely oral statements. U.S. presidents, secretaries of state and other officials often they say about their own missile defense not directed against Russian nuclear forces. Moscow, in turn, is not the first year trying to reach a written guarantee, because some oral statements in such a situation is not enough. A little earlier in the debate over the U.S. missile defense came a new event that is not a bit contributed to simplify the situation. It became clear that the South American side proposed the Russian Federation to send a delegation to the parts of the missile tests.

The newspaper "Kommersant" reported that representatives of our Ministry of Defense received verbal invitation come to the site to them. Reagan (peninsula Mek, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands) to test for the presence of SM-3 missiles. Apparently, it is invitation should be considered as a typical gesture of good will, they say, look at our systems and do not worry. But the Russian side invitation not accepted. In 1-x, no one sent to Moscow an official written document, and in-2, such a trip, except for some moments diplomatically, almost completely stupid. "Kommersant" quotes the words of a source in the Russian Defense Ministry, which argues that the visit to the site we do not get any utility. The fact is that the Americans will win in style, bringing a delegation allegedly friendly country on the hidden object. Our homeland did not win anything — and telemetry data on missile launches, probably no one will give us, just look through the binoculars at the rocket takes off on its own and can range.

Also, in some disk imaging media claimed that Russian military and had previously received such an invitation. Based on available data, they were ignored. Of course, the premise of failure to arrive at the test were the same — lack of practical utility. In general, it is necessary to see the Americans against invited delegations do not behave in the best possible way. Last fall, they promised to provide access to the Russian spice measuring and telemetry equipment and the collected data. But a little later by the representative of State E. Tauscher said that the delegates will follow the launch of a special vessel and of the neutral waters. Regarding the provision of disk imaging, then, according to E. Tauscher, the United States is prepared to transfer all the data of the Russian Federation, which are supplied with military pilots and navigators that are in the test area. It is easy to guess that the technical details of the project and the progress of the tests in this package do not get. Accordingly, our motherland will not receive any specific disk imaging, and the whole trip is transformed into purely a diplomatic action.

Of particular interest is the fact that even in the U.S. there is no single view regarding Russian delegations. All the same, "Kommersant" has published data showing that oral invitation about visiting the landfill Reagan was withdrawn, and the Pentagon insisted on it. Practically speaking, this kind of steps the South American Defense Ministry has already become a tradition specific. Part of U.S. military officials, first from the Missile Defense Agency, acts of opposition to municipal departments' policy of openness. " A certain number of high-ranking officials of the Agency believes that the U.S. should continue to stick to your line and do not talk about the details of the programs and plans. The list of States which do not need to know the details of the project, they include and Russia. And they do not perceive this fact as evidence against the direction of the U.S. missile defense Russian strategic arms? Noteworthy that the other side can hear the ocean next notable words. Now indignation for "balance." Some sources in the South American Defense Ministry, quoted by the media, laments the fact that in the near future were sent to Moscow for four invitations, even verbal, and Washington was only one. Well, it came to travel to launch a rocket out of date.

The situation with the invitation to the tests starts debate on the U.S. missile defense system in even more embarrassing. It turns out that the list of unresolved problems and disputes increases, but not decreases. Earlier claims of the parties — in the prime of their was presenting our homeland — focused assurance system not directed against the Russian armed forces, the creation of a joint missile defense, etc. Of course, the problem with the delegation's trip to the landfills are not something fatal, in the field of missile defense is tough and more than differences. But the Yankees' reluctance to allow Russian professionals to disk imaging system takes quite a fascinating turn. For example, not so long ago, the U.S. Congress passed an amendment to the military budget for the next year. In addition to purely monetary configurations in this amendment prohibits the transfer of any disk imaging on missile defense project. Earlier, Russian military engineers and not only allow for documentation of the SM-3 interceptor missiles, and now with them generally do not share information.

In general, the South American missile defense system continues to be the subject of disputes. None of the parties to the dispute is not going to make concessions, which in the long run, as long as does not promise a positive ending. Therefore remains lay on the prudence of politicians are also on the knowledge and skills that part of the defense industry, which is engaged by means of anti-missile defense.

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