Mogilev: Opposition to consult with the people banned

Mogilev city executive committee has not given permission to local opposition to June 9 rally against rising prices, inflation, the decline in the living standards of the people. Applicants were 12 activists of political, social and trade union organizations.

Failure, according to one of the applicants, the head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party, Vladimir Shantsev, argued that no signed contracts with services that have to maintain order at the rally — police, medical and community services.

Vladimir Shantsev"We can not enter into contracts without a document that confirms that the meeting resolved. In the application we did indicated that immediately after the resolution we go and conclude all agreements. How many have been occasions when we all do, but there was no resolution. Three days ago I was in the executive committee and was trying to convey our position again, but I was told that the answer will get writing. I am convinced that the rally would not have come a thousand people, and half of the city.

I am convinced that the rally would not have come a thousand people, and half of the city.

People are dissatisfied with this government and do not trust her. City council knows the situation. The population does not want to live by the old, and the government lost control of the situation. "

The protest had place in a certain place of power — at the stadium on the street Chelyuskintsev. This place is far from the crowded streets near the central emergency building of the former House of Culture. Organizers said that the rally will come to a thousand people. According to Vladimir Shantseva it oppositionists were going to hear from people who are to blame for the fact that the standard of living has deteriorated dramatically, and seek advice, what to do in such a situation.

All applicants meeting the opposition organizations are included in the regional coalition of democratic forces. In March, authorities did not allow the opposition to take place in the center of three pickets for the release of political prisoners. City Council decision applicants pickets sued because, according to them, it violates their constitutional rights. Leninsky court rejected the appeal of Mogilev — acknowledged the decision of the local authority as legitimate.


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