Mother of God came down from heaven to save the inhabitants of Tskhinvali


According to the descriptions in the face of the Virgin of Tskhinvali was very similar to the Zeitun miracle — the phenomenon of the Blessed Virgin in Egypt in the 70's of last century, when it was imaged on the dome of the temple.

Defenders of Tskhinvali helped herself Lady — a sign from heaven, has given them strength and courage in the most difficult hour.

— Lovely woman in shining garments came down from the dome of the temple — shows Alanian Bishop George. — This is Our Lady herself came down to save the city …

The icon of the Virgin wounded bullet

Witnessed a miraculous appearance of the Mother of God in the burning and the bleeding Tskhinvali dozens of people. A miracle happened in the midst of the heaviest fighting on August 8 after Saakashvili's mercenaries shot icon of the Blessed Virgin and the Divine Child Jesus. In approaching the city dusk Russian military saw the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a woman of unknown beauty in sparkling white robes, and slowly comes towards them, ignoring the shells and bullets …


— When first saw the Virgin Mary on the streets, I was in the temple, — says Bishop George Alanian. — There's all these days the parishioners who were lucky enough to get to the cathedral in search of refuge, without ceasing, praying to the Lord for the salvation of our city and the long-suffering people. About the miraculous appearance told me the next day. Honestly say, after listening to the first narrator, I had my doubts. In this nightmare, in which we all were in those days, the human psyche is not just faltering. It is quite impossible to keep composure when your eyes are killing many children's mother, who from day to day was to be resolved another baby. A look at what lies outside the body of this miserable, knowing that you, a man, could not save her from enemies. In such an intense and tormented state of mind a person loses much of its control. So I reasoned that the worshiper of the Virgin phenomenon could simply prividetsya. But I was wrong!

Mikhail Saakashvili

In this day and the next to father George had again and again to listen to the enthusiastic recognition of those who have seen the Virgin Mary in the streets of Tskhinvali.


— I ceased to doubt, when I realized that people completely unknown to each other, were in different parts of the city, they say the same thing! — Says the priest. — But finally believed in a miracle with my own eyes when I saw the Virgin Mary.

In between shooting and bombing father George, as well as other clergy of South Ossetia, where his best to help the civilian population. Some were led out of the basements and sent "to the mainland," the other pass away …

— In one of those moments, and I was honored to see a miracle — with awe says Bishop George. — Outside of the temple, I saw him coming out of the Mother of God herself. The soul trembled — Our Lady herself to us …


Father George emphasizes that his release Tskhinvali obliged not only to the Russian army and the militia, but also of the heavenly host:

— Our Lady always appeared where our people had the hardest. And there, where she saw the fight ended in victory for sure.

Bishop George Alanian

The war in South Ossetia has been spared the Orthodox churches. Georgian planes and rocket launchers were mercilessly destroyed the church in the country. Several churches were burnt together with the clergy and parishioners. At the time of the cessation of hostilities in South Ossetia survived only three priests! And inexplicably survived the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Tskhinvali. To the temple, which kept the miraculous power of St. George, on the first day only got 12 rounds. But none have caused any harm.

— The grace of God — that's the only explanation for this bailout — says Bishop Alanian. — Heavenly Patroness of all ages Russian army rescued from certain death and helped him defeat the enemy. And our case — just a drop in the sea of miracles.

From the bell tower can be seen as affected by the invasion of the Georgian city

Of Kulikovo warriors before battle turned in prayer to the Virgin Mary in front of her icon, brought by the host of the Don. In Novgorod the Great, during his siege around the walls of the defenders of the city was surrounded by an icon of the Mother of God "The Omen." One of the enemy's arrows hit the icon — she immediately turned its face to the city, and from the eyes of the tears rolled down the face. The enemy attacked horror, darkness fell before them, they were at a loss to beat each other and fled. Like today, in Tskhinvali …

In 1395 Moscow threatened hordes of Tamerlane, and again saved the Blessed Virgin and the capital, and the whole Russia. Prayers were made to the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God. According to legend, the Mother of God appeared in a dream to Tamerlane, surrounded by countless heavenly host that threatened Khan. In the morning he was ordered to retreat without a battle. In 1612, during the invasion of Poles Kazan icon of the Mother of God was carried in front of the soldiers of Minin and Pozharsky liberated Moscow. In 1812, on the eve of the Battle of Borodino Kutuzov prayed before the icon of Our Lady of Smolensk. And during World War II brought to the Kazan Icon of the defenders of Moscow, Stalingrad and Leningrad.


— Now those who have not seen with their own eyes the horrors endured during those days the people of South Ossetia, build absurd assumptions about who is right and who is wrong in this war. Try to justify our murderers and impose ridiculous charges of the Russian army — said Bishop George. — Defenders of the miraculous appearance of the Virgin of Tskhinvali once again refutes all these false versions. Mother of God always protects only the right cases. And there is no doubt that the war powers of heaven were on our side. The devil can never take shape of the Virgin. It's not an obsession, it's a great miracle …

According to the descriptions in the face of the Virgin of Tskhinvali was very similar to the Zeitun miracle — the phenomenon of the Blessed Virgin in Egypt in the 70's of last century, when it was imaged on the dome of the temple.

Icon in memory of the miracle in Budennovsk

Photo phenomenon of the Virgin in Zeitoun

One of the recent phenomena of the Virgin was in Budennovsk, when a gang of Shamil Basayev seized hostages at a hospital. All Stavropol diocese headed by Bishop Gideon prayed for their salvation. And in the sky above the hospital was seized by the Mother of God. She was seen in many different times: Virgin Mary praying in the sky with shining cross. In memory of this miracle was written by an icon.

Oksana Shcherbakov

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