Mummy hunting scientists?


About revenge Egyptian Pharaohs those who violate their peace, heard many. Not so long ago in the Alps appeared ancient "Avenger."

For eight corpses
17 years ago, the German wife of the climbers in the snow-covered Alps on the border of Austria and Italy stumbled on a frozen body. Thanks to the analysis carried out in Innsbruck, set "ice man" froze 5,300 years ago. In Europe, as the ancient body is discovered for the first time.
Soon after, the story, as if dreamed up in Hollywood, one by one people died during the extraction of the mummy or during the studies touch it.

The first died in a car crash pathologist who packed the body in a plastic bag. The second was a mountaineer who delivered the mummy in Innsbruck it filled up with snow avalanche. Then came the coroner do an autopsy, and a journalist who has removed a film about the discovery mummy … Then — the discoverer of "ice man" vodivshego trips to the place of discovery: he fell off a cliff during a blizzard and was found exactly in the same position — face down with everted left hand — that of a mummy. Who found the head of his rescuers an hour after the funeral, he died of a heart attack, but had never complained of heart.

No pattern in these deaths is not, told reporters the first researcher mummy. However, he lived not long after that.

Suddenly, without fighting the Austrians lost the right to own mummy southern neighbors from Italy: those supposedly proved that the last refuge of the "ice man" lies to the south of the Italian-Austrian border, which means that its legitimate owners — the Italians. The mummy was moved to Bolzano, where they created for her archaeological museum. Now she lies in a sealed chamber at a temperature of -6 degrees and a humidity of 98%, and visitors can watch the mummy through a special window.

However, the change of "registration" is not terrible deceased insured scientists to continue the feud. The next was an Australian archaeologist Tom Loy and microbiologist. Blood disease, knocking scientist, appeared immediately after the beginning of his work with the mummy.

How sick professor?
In Innsbruck, I met with the pathologist Werner Platzer. The professor is already a month in the hospital and took me not in the institute, and in his mansion. The first thing he said, his illness is not related to the mummy research. However, what is sick scientist, he does not know yet.
Visiting the Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, and looked through a window on a dried-up, deformed body, I do not understand why testing the strength of the nervous system in hundreds of children and adolescents.
I asked the museum researcher Lea Venturini, can we trust the witnesses that day trippers who have looked at the mummy, immediately get influenza.

— Yes, we collected statistics on schools in the city: after the tour — a teacher of children stories lead whole classes — between a quarter and half of the students fall ill the next day.

— So the curse of the mummy still valid?

— Rather, the fragile child's mind is not very useful to examine the body, devoid of skin, and watch a film about dissecting mummies. Against the background of these experiences may have weakened immunity.
This explanation does not contradict the opinion of the investigator of the paranormal, Jean-Dominique Perge. It is unacceptable, he is convinced, to turn a dead body into an object of the show. To stop the conveyor unexplained deaths, the body of "ice man" as soon as possible to bury.

However, this is unlikely to stop the warning Gareth Loy, brother and colleague who died archaeologist who has announced that he intends to carry through DNA testing mummies and finish the book, begun by his brother.

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