Mysteries of Love Full Movie

Mysteries of Love Full Movie
Love spontaneous, illogical, intangible. Modern science, studying the nature of this phenomenon found in the brain configuration fantastic people in love — love suppresses feelings of horror, negative emotions and criticism. Why in love with a man quickens the pulse, respiration? Biology studies indicate that love similar drugs. Chemists say that we feel love thanks to the release of certain hormones in the blood. However, those and others recognize that Love can not explain only through science.

The movie "Secrets of Love" that why of the hundreds of people we elect 1st and will do anything to be with the object of her own passion. How is this feeling makes us so happy one moment, and in another endlessly evil fruit. The geography of the film — the whole world.

The arguments of philosophers, eyes of different confessions, wild surmise anthropologists and biochemists, the unique results of many years of research posodeystvuyut us closer to solving the greatest of mysteries.

Sacks and Love

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