Mysterious ancient structures in the Siberian tundra

January 13, 2013 18:55

Hello dear readers. I beg your pardon in advance for a certain confusion of my presentation and possible mistakes, for the simple reason that the writing of this article, is my first literary experience. So, let me introduce myself. My name is Cyril Colon and I have over 10 years of working in shifts in gas company "Gazprom mining Yamburg", currently worked as an engineer in oil and gas category 1 on the northernmost fishing enterprise. This is a small idea to just order whatever you had a realization that I was quite well known and once you were not put into question the facts and concepts which I will in the future operate.

Now, just move on to the presentation of the events. April 14, 2012 flight rotational GZP 421 Yamburg-UFA. I am in the company of other shift workers happy and satisfied, honestly fulfilled their watch, and serving on mezhduvahtovy rest in the place of permanent residence, stood in line for registration, with some satisfaction that, get me a ticket this time was near the window. And this fact, there is a logical explanation, those who have flown on the TU-154 have to remember that in this beautiful in every way, except for placing convenience of passengers, aircraft series consists of three seats, and given harsh complexion of men working in the Arctic Circle, while to the illusion of comfort that we can sit either in the aisle or near the window. What followed was a series of coincidences that led to the fact that I managed to do the following pictures. First after takeoff, I mentioned the fact that the sky was surprisingly straightforward. As I wrote earlier, more than 10 years of flying to and from work, but I have never witnessed such an amazing sight. Usually after takeoff, the aircraft during climb flying cirrus clouds in the upper atmosphere, and most of the time can be observed only from the bottom of the endless horizon to the snowy wool. Clouds in the upper atmosphere, however, can sometimes have a more rarefied structure, but especially in northern latitudes is also high clouds in the lower atmosphere, that completely hides though what that vision. So this time the visibility was so good that I completely forgot about the most favorite entertainment shift workers on the plane (do not think anything bad, I mean sleep) leaned forward to the window, and armed with a smartphone with built-in camera enjoyed the harsh northern beauty and occasionally pictures of what is most interesting. Of northern beauty wants to talk separately. As a person born and raised in central Russia, is not immediately seen through the beauty and charm of this amazing region. But over time, this nature soak into me and become my own part, I can confidently say in the north of the country has its own special but no less wonderful nature, though it is not as expressive and does not possess a variety of colors, but it is great for its minor details and strokes. She's just beautiful. Uh, okay forgive me for this little retreat just could not help it. I will begin to spread pictures:

Figure 1 One of the sites for the extraction of hydrocarbons

Given that the photos were originally made for the camera phones that are not natural to talk about the good quality of pictures you can catch the highlights. I'll post some photos just for what would have been visible from the plane look like some man-made objects, in order to understand how they are very different from the picture, which will be shown strictly those fragments that struck me. For example in this photo you can clearly see the paved roads and pipelines. Follow on:

Figure 2 is amazing what a beautiful bend of the northern river

Fig. Highway 3 New Urengoi-Surgut

Just great, that before we flew amazing line visible in the following pictures, I had the opportunity to photograph the way that it was possible to understand the huge difference in the technology of construction of engineering solutions.

Figure 4. Three parallel lines is clearly visible even in the tundra

That would clearly see the lines should be considered with great photos expansion that would improve their visibility in this article, I am in Power Point, just spent close to them lines are well marked in red. It was the first thing I saw, and probably would not have paid attention to this, and may even think that this is just rad located collector pipeline. This is the first thing that popped into my head. But looking at what we were passing on, I generally felt a sense of unreality.

Figure 5. The number of parallel lines increased to five, and that's what I finally finished off — cross them at right angles to another to the line!

Figure 6. Here is all falling into place is something really there. There are already quite unobservable clear, is geometrically correct boxes

Naturally I could not remain indifferent to what he saw and asked my colleagues and neighbors to look out the airplane window and make sure that I do not suffer from hallucinations. Although hallucinations certainly hard to shoot at the camera. And my powerful but not so curious colleagues confirmed, but see what they say it's … u, but what it is we are not very interesting and generally sleep hunting and there are more important things in this world — there is dinner spread.

The first thing that came into my mind is the movie "The Thirteenth Floor," I hope you were watching this great movie, about an artificial reality, an analogue of "The Matrix." So there is a moment when one of the characters decides to leave the boundaries of their world and discovers that his world is finite and limited it is a sort of computer straight lines.

But I'm still too hard for this materialist and to a depth of bone engineer, so dismiss these considerations and the following hypothesis. This is certainly a unique engineering structures. Who the builder and for what purpose they were built, I am afraid, will remain a mystery for a long time.

Why unique? Well, firstly, it is even with the current level toolkit incredible geometric correctness and simply did tsiklopichnost structures. Second, it is one thing to partition geometrically, is another in the same right to build. As you know to build such huge power and very direct materialozatratno. Take for example the road. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, everyone knows that. Has anyone seen anywhere perfectly straight road? Very rare. It follows the following output: unknown builders had printsipialno need a location of these objects. Thirdly, the fact that the construction of the tundra. Erection of any structures on the tundra priori difficult task, knitted with low bearing capacity of the soil, is a permafrost-frozen rocks. The only existing at the moment the technology of construction of foundations — an immersion in IMF just huge piles of Dina. This is a very complex engineering problem, besides a very financially costly. And then never give up the fight to the thermal stabilization of the driving and control of their heaving of the soil. This is generally a single song. In general, unsupervised, any building in the IMF will eventually be destroyed. This suggests the following conclusion that the age of these structures are very large, and that they appeared through the tundra as a result of soil erosion. And were built long before the ice age, when in these latitudes was a totally different climate.

I'd like to believe that this fact does not remain without attention of stakeholders and data structures will be thoroughly investigated. I am more than confident that examining these structures, we get a lot of evidence for the existence in ancient times the territory of Western Siberia advanced civilization of our ancestors.

Thank you for your attention.

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