Mysterious chuchuna

December 11, 2011 16:09

On the vast territory of Yakutia existed since ancient times and there are many mysterious and inexplicable. This monster is like the Loch Ness Lake in Labynkyr, the Valley of Death Valley Vilyui, Shaman tree, Bottle Rock, Ygyattsky waterfall and more. Among them there was a place and a snow man — chuchuna. It is also called Moulin.

The first information about chuchuna appear in legends Yakut and Evenki living north of Yakutia. This humanoid huge growth, with the body covered with long hair. Chuchuna has exceptional physical strength and agility. These creatures armed with a simple bow, spear, and an iron knife. Sometimes they wear the skins of dead animals. Food itself is mined by hunting. This may run along with deer. Sometimes they steal supplies from local residents

Some legends say that Moulin abducted women from the camp. But captive they do not survive — quickly wilted and died.

Northern people believed that if the blood of the murdered chuchuna your clothes or hands hunter, killer and his family will go crazy, and soon will go to the spirit world. The same thing happens if the hunter will take away a snowman knife.

Previously, local people — hunters and reindeer herders — often seen Moulin. In Tungus Ust-Yana is a legend. Once Moulin broke barn where supplies were stored for the winter, and stole everything. Just the other night it was snowing. Morning angry hunters set out to retrace the thief. Soon came to the cave on the mountain and saw the snow man sits there and eats stolen food. Moulin fell to the ground, as if begging for mercy, said something unintelligible, like humming … Evenki, without thinking twice, stabbed him with a spear.


In 1929, in the newspaper "Yakutia Independent" published an article "Chuchuna." Content of the article was that, that since the days of tsarism in the North live nobody knows wild people. The authors argued that chuchuna — real being. Cited eyewitness who saw firsthand the snowman. Stated that the favorite habitat chuchuna — Butantaysky naslega Verkhoyansk district. Before the revolution, saw chuchuna annually. According to witnesses, chuchuna — tall, powerfully built, dressed in animal skins, has very long hair, armed with a bow and arrows. Note if chuchuna night for fun throwing small stones into the tent.

Chuchuna tried to hunt. Two or three at different times managed to kill of berdanki. The corpses were buried, and the hunters hard to hide it from the authorities for fear of prosecution for murder.

The article also reveals that in 1926 and 1927 in Bugantayskom naslega killed two chuchuna (one year).

The scientific debate

Naturally, overlooked by the researchers could not get this kind of facts. In the first years of Soviet power the study materials on chuchuna engaged professor and geologist Peter Lyudovikovich Dravert. He wrote an article "People-muleny and chuchuna by tales Tungus and Yakuts," which published in 1933, the magazine "Future Siberia."

The article claimed that in Dzhugdzhur (often becomes the ridge) and in the north of the former Verkhoyansk district inhabited by people of unknown race. They are on a very low level of development. From the People of Yakutia are different in that their faces are covered with hair, articulate speech, they do not own. Or maybe they just do not understand the language of the people? Muleny lead a vagabond life, characteristic of primitive hunters. Move alone or in small groups, or adhering to the sparsely populated desert areas. They know how to make fire. They attack the lone hunter, but only when they feel the evil attitude. In addition, there were several cases where the hunters were taken muleny clothes and weapons. Who are these mysterious creatures almost extinct. The article ends with a call to take custody chuchuna Soviet laws, thus saving the ancient science to preserve the people of Northern Asia.

Dravert objected famous Yakut ethnographer GV Xenophon. Relying on the same factual material (legends, evidence and surveys of local residents) as his opponent, Ksenofontov concluded that chuchuna exists only in oral folk art as mythological character. "The existence of wild people would be more or less plausible, if it has to show some kind of remote, located away from residential settlements, closed and separate territory as its area of permanent habitation. And yet, in fact, the image chuchuna lives everywhere in the dissemination of northern Yakuts from Khatanga Indigirka, perhaps, still further east. All the above shows that the idea of chuchuna or wild, overgrown hair hunter, must be attributed to the remnants of ancient religious beliefs of pastoral peoples. These beliefs are brought to the North, in all probability, Yakuts, more clearly still preserved in polar Yakuts, the early settlers of the Lena basin ", — claimed Xenophon.

And whether it is in reality?

One would think that with such an abundance of information to locate chuchuna, and even more, to find traces of it, weapons, or at least, the remains will be for research work. But there it was! For all of the search can not find absolutely no trace of a snowman. Confused scientists and the lack of any offspring chuchuna.

In light of this, the scientific community was felt that chuchuna — it miraculously escaped with splinter of ice fishermen and hunters from Chukotka. According to local tradition, they could not return to their homes, because they already believed dead. Living in a cave waiting for those who break the law of the human tribe: murderers, robbers, rapists — all of them were expelled from the camps.

Deprived of all, trapped in a strange place, the exiles quickly ran wild. Hunger forced them to obtain food by hunting, and often — even stealing and looting. In the human body, which fell into extreme northern conditions (temperature in winter to -50 ° C) undergoing fundamental changes. It gained wool, while enormously increased his physical strength. Incommunicado own kind, he gradually forgot human speech.

Scientists have noted, and the fact that, with the mechanization of fishing under socialism, the improvement of sea fishing in Chukotka, legends and stories about chuchuna were forgotten.

It seemed that was set the last point in the debate about the reality of chuchuna. But in our time in Yakutia newspaper article appeared that mid-March 2002 in the Verkhoyansk ulus in wolf trap caught a strange creature. At the time of its discovery, it was dead (which is not surprising given the power capture trap). According to a nearby high school teacher naslega Borulya Jacob Potapova, it looked like being an adult primate, the size of a large dog. It had a long tail, and the entire body except the palms and face was covered with hair. The corpse was not preserved. According to one version, he tore the dog, on the other, afraid of evil spirits, being buried with a trap.

So the mystery chuchuna still awaits an inquisitive explorer.

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