Mysterious gates to other worlds

July 25, 2012 15:16

Almost all people who inhabit this planet, there are stories and legends about the mysterious journey to other worlds. You can, of course, assume that these myths are more interested in breaking away from the planet. However, no wonder they say that any story — it is a reality to which scary, but really want to touch.

Mysterious gates to other worlds

There are many fantastic and scientific films, books about the incredible travel to other galaxies with special devices. The most famous of these was a film called "Stargate". Skeptics argue that this is pure fiction, but the optimists believe that one day a miracle can happen. From a theoretical point of view, it's real. This can happen after a century or millennium.

Even Einstein in 1935, advanced version of the existence of "black holes." Wheeler, a physicist in 1950, described them as "wormholes" or "wormholes." May be available to explain their existence in the apple example — if the worm wants to go to another part of the fruit, it does not move on the outside of the apple, and gnaws through it, thereby reducing its way. The same thing is happening in space — it is distorted under the influence of mass and energy. This results in a gravitational holes through which you can navigate in the universe. It is possible that these tunnels exist in our galaxy. And it is for this tunnel on the planet the aliens arrive to observe people. Maybe this is the reason that so far can not be found where there are aliens. But how they get to Earth?

In the northern part of Peru has recently researchers have found something that is a great historical value. Thanks to its sensational this finding simply nothing to compare. Found Gate Gods stunned scientists worldwide. They are able to fundamentally change the view of the world, showing that life on earth, with its excitement and bustle is just a small part of being human.

Nakhodka is a grand door, carved in the rock, which reaches a height of 2 meters and a width of 7 meters. Peruvian elders of old called it the Gate of the Gods. In the center of the door is a perfectly round hole. Apparently, it served as a keyhole. According to legend, the people of Peru through these gates could communicate with the gods, walk through that door and go back. Many of them, according to legend, became immortal after.

Before the Gate of the Gods discovered, people flying over the area by plane, noticed the unusual rock structure. After detection of this finding, the researchers learned that the rock has always been and is currently secret servants. They told the archaeologists amazing legends associated with these gates. Told the ministers that the gates are the legacy of the Inca civilization. They were in ancient times "by the Gods", and through the characters could go to other worlds. Many of them have gone for good, a few are returning, but endowed with extraordinary knowledge.

Scientists have also learned the story of the priest Arami Mara, who kept the "Key of the Gods Seven Valleys." During the invasion of the Spanish conquistadors, when the aliens made a hell of a massacre, Mara gathered fellow survivors, and with them went to the Gate of the Gods. Fugitives from the day disappeared without a trace. Moreover, the researchers found what did not notice before — picture Gate of the Gods on the famous Nazca and the mention of them in the tales of the ancient Maya.

But more interesting are the results of modern research. Qatar Mamani, who first discovered the door to the cliff, held a series of experiments with the use of advanced instrumentation. He eventually came to believe that the gates are anomalous zone and actually served and still serve as input to other worlds. The results are achieved Mamani, are fantastic. Near the stone door was found a huge number of surreal objects of extraterrestrial origin. These objects, as set Mamani exist beyond the boundaries of our three-dimensional reality, and, most importantly, they think and show emotions. According to Mamani, research has shown a completely new view of the world, where people are not masters of themselves. Surprisingly, surreal objects have been recorded not only the instrumentation — much Mamani saw with his own eyes.

The structure of the rock is very interesting — someone touching her, felt some energy, some have heard the music and it seemed to some that the door opens. Here, strangely enough, very often observed the appearance of bright white and blue discs spheres. Maybe it's a UFO? We can only guess where the aliens arrive — from parallel worlds, or from outer space?

Many scientists claim that all anomalous zones that exist on our planet, are doors to other dimensions. And this is how the aliens arrive to us. One of these places is the anomalous town Sedona, which is located in the U.S. state of Arizona. Almost every second resident of the city saw a UFO. Here are the most amazing and bizarre stories. But the most striking — a "door" opening between the measurements at specific times. There are a large number of videotapes and photographs taken, which immediately prior to the portal you can see strange objects orange or bright yellow color, "vague phantoms," the little blue lights.

Scientists argue that our world is about 260 measurements that are folded and can not be observed, but they still exist. Ie This means that aliens can pass through these "corridors." Consequently, they are open to people of ordinary mortals. On our planet, according to statistics disappears annually about two million people, and some disappear right in front of others. Such strange disappearance can only explain the existence of parallel worlds.

For example, in Northern Canada in 1930 vanished village Eskimos. In this case, even the dead are gone — the graves were empty. There was only food, clothes and rifles, which men do not usually separated. Another mysterious thing happened with the ship "Mary Celeste", which was discovered off the coast of the Azores. The vessel left things, money and jewelry, but no passengers or crew were not.

During the clash between China and Japan in 1937 had disappeared by about 3,000 Chinese soldiers aimed at the Yangtze River. There were no bodies, as there was no information about the capture of the soldiers prisoner. China's government did not solve this problem. In this list, you can add ships on the high seas which mysteriously disappeared crew as well as the people who disappeared in front of others, etc.

Version of the existence of other dimensions is confirmed not only mysterious disappearances, but no less mysterious "appearance." In England, in 1914, on the street Haystrit materialized out of thin air is a naked man, and in Paris at about the same time, they found a man who lost his memory. In Japan in 1954, arrested a man who has a passport of the country Tuared. This country does not exist, but the man stated the opposite.

All of these mysterious phenomena, and thousands of them, fully in agreement with the theory of the "star gate" through which people disappear without a trace. Dissolution of people in the air as long as possible to explain the only way — the door to a parallel dimension is opened, and a man "falls" into it. Parapsychologists argue that the world is about forty tunnels leading to other worlds, in which each year disappear people. It is possible that these tunnels, and they can only be opened by people who know about it.

It seems likely that in ancient times, people knew how to open the "Stargate" and use them. This is explained by the fact that the level of technical progress, to which modern society has reached, could only be achieved by delivery of other worlds technologies that once helped in the construction of statues or in the preparation of the ancient pyramids, affecting its accuracy, etc. On Earth, there were a variety of disasters, and perhaps one of these disasters will destroy civilization that has access to the Gate. And people forget their path. But this does not mean that they have been forgotten, and those who are on the other side of the corridor.

Thus, virtually all residents of Norway in 2009, there was a mysterious phenomenon — in the sky created huge glowing spiral. After a while, a giant funnel closed almost all the sky. Funnel watched about fifteen minutes, then it just disappeared. The most surprising thing is that these craters were observed over Somalia, and over Australia. Maybe this is a sign that the gates were ajar?

On this and many other issues that are related to the secret of the universe, no science to answer can not yet. However, research does not stop. To date, more and more of the most incredible ideas and insights that arise from science fiction writers, get real. Progress has never for a moment stopped, and mankind ever closer to the mystery of the existence of parallel worlds and "Stargate."

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