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August 12, 2012 16:49

From ancient times, mysterious and unpredictable occurrence of wandering lights is superstition and complicates their scientific research. They are the cause of many legends, stories and legends.

Travelers centuries ago described how gets lost in the swamps and found a way thanks Got a light blue color that hovered above them. However, the stories of other travelers, those lights almost drove them to the grave. Wandering lights for that reason were called candles dead or machinations of the evil spirit. It remains a mystery why some lights are bad news for people, and set them aggressively, while others may even help in difficult times.

Blue is the color of fire, usually yellow, green and even the ghostly whitish. Smoke also is not seen. Most of these fires occur in swamps and cemeteries, and at least on the margins. Sometimes they are like a candle flame, and sometimes — ball, and burn at the height of the raised hand of man. They were seen in different continents at different times and for them many legends.

In Europe, they are considered to be the souls of children and people who died a violent death and drowned. It is believed that they are stuck between worlds in order to lure in the quagmire of living people or destroy any other way. In the UK, the wandering lights called harbingers of death. It was considered bad luck if the lights appeared near the home patient.

Such beliefs in great confidence, which confirms the story told by one Scottish priest. Priest's house was near the church next to the churchyard, and once came out of him, he saw behind the fence of the churchyard luminous point. He thought it was just someone walking around with a flashlight and went for a spark. However, he did not see a single person, but in the meantime light flew over the cemetery and walked through the woods to the house of a farmer. After that, accompanied by another fire back. The priest is the time to follow the mysterious lights and watched as they disappeared into the crypt. The next morning he asked the guards, whose tomb is, and how it turned out, the vault that belonged to the family of the farmer who lives off the forest. A day later, the family invited the priest to his home last honors child who died of scarlet fever. Perhaps superstition according to which the lights are only for those whose relatives had been buried in the cemetery, some grounds for a still has.

Slavs believed that the souls of dead people that appear over their graves. More often than not, according to the Slavic legends, wandering lights appear after August 24. Friar's lantern, and is sometimes associated with the treasure. Some believe that the lights are lit on the hidden treasure hoard spirits to show the way to it. But these treasures do not bring good to the owner because they are cursed.

Friar's lantern in the last century began to Western Queensland something like a business card. Mysterious lights agitated and frightened travelers and locals for decades. In the south-west Queensland is a deserted area, known as the Alexandria station. The inhabitants of the surrounding areas this deserted piece of land has long enjoyed a bad reputation. At night, there are wandering lights, the nature of which, to this day, not solved.

The first sensational story, which is associated with the observation at this station wandering fires occurred in 1940. On the track, Baul Varenda by car drove local shepherd and suddenly noticed a suspicious glow over the old abandoned cemetery. Glow gradually became similar to the ball and moved toward the driver. Death frightened shepherd pulled with all his might in the direction of the town of trunk. He then told repeatedly that mysterious ball followed him almost to the borders of the city. Later in this area has been repeatedly observed the mysterious glow of lights. Opinions were divided as to their origin — some believe that the souls of the dead, while others believe that it is a UFO.

But the station Alexandria is not the only place where there is such a phenomenon. In Missouri, there are legends about the lights Hornet, North Carolina — the flame Brown Mountain, Texas — Saratoga about the lights and Martha. A feature of all these lights is that they have the property, blinking and twinkling, to move from place to place.

Occurrence of such fires in the UK known since William Shakespeare. They were even given special names, for example — Bodily Candle, Light Body, Jack Ofonarely. Scientists from many countries have considered the nature of this phenomenon and made a lot of different hypotheses. And if the people believed that the souls of the innocent victims or criminals, the scientific community came hypothesis of methane periodically allocates marsh land and that in itself can be ignited. This hypothesis, however, looks unconvincing. How, in fact, the version of the distant lights of road vehicles, the bacteria on the feathers of birds, phosphorescent fungi. This is due primarily to the fact that the twinkling lights in many documented cases explicitly pursued any particular purpose.

The incident, which occurred July 16, 1952 in the state of Maryland, testifies to this. Two patrol officers were driving along a deserted road late at night and suddenly saw a yellowish spot light, which moved at them. When they stopped, the lights also stopped, hovering at a height of six meters in front of them. When they began to go slowly — the fire moved too and build up speed as fast as did the police car. Once they caught fire, he flew off to the side, as if surrendering. A similar movement of the mysterious lights in the meeting noted with motorists who were on the section of the route near the town Neoshpo known as the Ghost Light Road.

The most famous of North Carolina wandering fire is fire, which appears at the railway crossing — in a place where many times have seen the ghost of a man who in 1868 was beheaded by train. Its terrible history has light Girdona of Arkansas. Glow appears here in the very place where the beat to death worker puteyschika. In Geordie fire Scriven appears above the rails, where he died a signalman during a train derailment.

But there are examples of another kind. For example, a couple in November 1977 climbed Mount Snowball — the highest point in Czechoslovakia, but on the way back was in a difficult position, since lost its route. Travelers, realizing the seriousness of the situation was almost panicked. Even with the sky suddenly fell thick snowfall. However there was nowhere blue ball hovered about a foot off the ground. It glowed soft and soothing heat radiated. At first his wife was frightened, but some inner sense tell them that this phenomenon is not hostile, and can even help to come down from the mountain. It happened — the ball was constantly with them and light the way down to the lower slopes. Strange fire disappeared only became visible when the first residential buildings of the village. Interesting is the fact that the night lights of the preference given to those places where once there were the tragic events. This may indicate that life may exist in a form that is not known to modern science.

However, according to a professor at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Jack Pettigrew, no mystery here. The scientists analyzed a number of cases related to these mysterious lights, map all data and concluded that the lights — it's just a phenomenon of the mirage of the mirror may be a small light sources, which are sometimes removed even hundreds of kilometers. However, it should be noted that the behavior and structure of all the wandering lights different. Therefore, the explanation of the scientist is unlikely to work for all of them. Apparently, each of these lights has its individual nature, over which no one has learned to wrestle. Therefore wandering lights — this is one of the mysteries of nature, which is still not fully explained by scientists.

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