Mysterious silhouette on a window pane


Anatoly Aganin, a resident of the village Vinzili witnessed the strange phenomenon: after hitting a fireball on a pane of glass on it formed a silhouette reminiscent of the alien.

A. Aganin — ham with a lot of experience. Who wants to get another card, which confirms that radio contact was established. And these cards from Anatoly accumulated about 15,000. He says we have to work at night, so the signal passes better. But the best way to catch the waves in a storm. Technique lightning while holding back. You can not say about the window glass, which appeared mysterious silhouette.

According to ufologists, in its outline resembles a fireball shape of unidentified flying objects. In the "sound design" they also have a lot in common: ball lightning buzzing, whistling, and even hiss. Ply them on the same path as the UFO, though their inherent large maneuvers smooth and unhurried. Also leisurely fireball and hit the window, leaving him a mysterious trail.

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