Mystery bunker General Lyasha

April 12, 2012 12:59

Apparently close to solving one of the unexplained mysteries of the twentieth century — the disappearance of the Amber Room.

General Lyash

A subsequent search led to an underground bunker in the center of Kaliningrad, where in 1945, the headquarters of the defense of the last commandant of Königsberg, General Otto von Lyasha.
Sensitive data on U.S. and British intelligence services, next to an amber masterpiece may be the gold reserves of the Reich and Hitler's archives laboratory "Konigsberg-13", which develops weapons of retaliation of the Third Reich — psychotropic bomb.

Three copies of a masterpiece

The Amber Room "weight" of 6 tons and an area of about fifty square meters more than once restored. Why from the beginning of World War II have not taken it to the rear, is a mystery.
And a special team trophy Nazi looters "Kunstkomission", consisting of art, literally 36 hours bayonets amber panels ripped from the walls of the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo. In August 1942, the Amber Room was brought before by the Royal castle in Koenigsberg. And until the spring of 1944 there was under heavy guard.
There sverhsensatsionnaya version. It says, even before the start of World War II by Stalin Soviet restorers group produced a scale of one-to-one duplicate of the Amber Room. All work was carried out under the control of the NKVD. On the role of chief master was invited seventy amber carver A. Baranovsky. In May 1941, the amber panels were collected. But a copy was inaccurate on color relationships, although better than expected. Mismatch of colors of its alleged hidden in the Catherine Palace, in one of the cellars, which walled concrete. The wizard had a stroke, and he died, and instructed his disciples to make another copy. Thus, in early June 1941, there were just three Pushkin Amber Room: the parsed script, buried the first copy and the second, made students Baranovsky hands, and then put to the place of this masterpiece. -This is the second copy, not understanding, and taken by the Germans. And in mid-November 1941, again on the orders of Stalin, the script went overseas in the U.S. — as a gift, "the best friend of the Soviet Union," Armand Hammer in gratitude to the Soviet government for the supply of military equipment, ammunition and food.
May indeed copy the Amber Room, removed by the Germans in Königsberg, lies in the underground bunker of General Lyasha? On the original, supposedly a gift from Armand Hammer, the researchers modestly silent. It turns out that the amber stone is so delicate that with age, he is getting older, a few decades after the treatment is covered with cracks and splits in the dust. Could the "sun stone" by a 65 to lie even under ideal storage conditions, the U.S. and even more so in damp dungeons of Kaliningrad, the former Koenigsberg? So what is it worth to look for amber dust? All the more so since 1979, the Russian experts were working to recreate a copy of the masterpiece by surviving photographs and drawings. By 2003, this work was completed, and now the Amber Room — does not, in principle inferior to the original — all visitors can see the Palace in Pushkin.

Hopper with double bottom

The Amber Room is under the stairs bunker

We stand on the roof of the concrete bunker of General Lyasha. Now here is the city museum — a place of pilgrimage for tourists, especially from Germany. These bunkers were built for subversive and terrorist units "Werewolf", they were able to withstand a long siege of the enemy.
Built it in February 1944 for 41 days by military specialists and hands of thousands of prisoners, mostly Red, rounded up to Konigsberg of Nazi concentration camps in Europe.
It was here, according to the historian Sergei Trifonov, a two-meter layer of concrete, and can be, in many underground galleries is not only the Amber Room, but also hundreds of art exported from Russia during the war, including the gold reserves of the Reich, the estimated experts in the $ 4 billion.
Sergey — people rested. About 30 years, he is looking for treasures in Kaliningrad dungeons. It is called the storyteller, a charlatan and obkomovskim talker — at one time he worked as a lecturer of the Kaliningrad Regional Party Committee. Trifonov but insists
— The boxes with the Amber Room is here! — Sergei shines a powerful flashlight and the beam of light is limited to masonry. — We struck up against a brick and concrete. Ground penetrating radar showed that the wall large voids, which are drawn from the arm-galleries, including the Royal Castle, where the Amber Room was in the 1945 depth bin, as it became known recently, — 12 meters, and we have seven more deeply did not go down. So, tank consists of two units, floors, which in 1946 no one was. Punching holes in the concrete, we ran into wooden boxes made of larch, wood does not rot. And the length of concrete niches where walled boxes, we were amazed — 3.3 meters. As you know, for the transportation of amber panels were stored in 16 boxes: 4 — the size of just over 3 meters, and the rest — a little less.
— General Lyash carried to the grave yet another mystery — continues Sergei. — He was ordered to keep the gold of the Third Reich: in Königsberg is mined in the concentration camps, stockpiled in the amount of about 4 tons. It's hundreds of thousands of dentures, jewelry, melted into gold bars.
However, not only the Amber Room and gold — the main secrets of Kaliningrad. The Allies, who also wanted to get here first, know that the most valuable trophy could be the secret research lab Wehrmacht. New weapons, open Germans — that is what the Americans were eager. What is this unique weapon?

Deadly draft

Konigsberg's the mystery dungeon fiercely fought security forces of all countries — the anti-Hitler coalition. And allies have repeatedly tripped leg USSR strongly hindered the Red Army in the first right to enter Konigsberg. Western intelligence agencies may have no interest in the fate of the Amber Room. The goal was different: backroom Wehrmacht "Konigsberg-13", which allegedly created the main weapon of retaliation — psychotropic bomb miracle weapon of mass destruction on the basis of clean effect.
On the maps of British pilots bombed Königsberg in August 1944, the place of the laboratory was flagged by a wavy line and a sign, "Do not touch!". Although the rest of the English city razed.
By Sergey Trifonov, a historian who has studied the Nazi archives laboratory:
— Cathedral, for example, was in ruins, and the place where the four medieval castle is a laboratory, remained intact. However, during the assault in 1945, our troops have carried laboratory dust. And I still do not know what got from the archives of the Allies. According to some reports, the laboratory part of the archives was in the United States.
And see there was that. The main direction of the Nazi research — the study of astrology, magic, fetishes, ancient spells. And the number 13 in the name of the laboratory accident.
The laboratory staff engaged in the weather, atmospheric phenomena, such as the … draft. Nazi scientists have found that the dense building the city in the streets walked winds gubivshie people. Knowingly in Konigsberg established pinwheels two levels — on rooftops and below show the movement of the deadly air.
With drafts could let the wind sharp metal feathers, amazing man to death on the ear at a very great distance. Using the power of drafts and their lethal effects on humans, in this deadly laboratory attempted to detain the ships departure, bringing so down the entire team.
Of particular interest were the guest chairs with holes in the backside. A man who had to be killed, just seated on the chair in the right place … and raw draft killed a man who was getting pneumonia. It was so brutal that the lungs sentenced turn black …
In the laboratory, "Konigsberg-13" manufactured dolls, similar to people who were considered enemies of the Reich. In head dummies inserted eyes, carved animals and allegedly acquire magical powers. Sticking needles in dolls silver with amber beads, the Nazis could "punish" their enemies. It is known that Winston Churchill came to the wild rage when he learned that at his doll constantly working sorcerers of the "Konigsberg-13."

Elixir of Immortality

In pictures: Laboratory "Koenigsberg-13" in the form of a swastika. Aerial photo taken by British pilots in August 1944, during the bombing of Königsberg, pictured in 1947 these buildings do not have — they bombed the Soviet Air Force during the storming of the city in 1945

In the battles for Koenigsberg Russian soldiers faced with incredible strength and endurance of the German soldiers. The prisoners have shown that all of them well before the battle with the Red Army took the elixir of immortality … Where is it taken? And follow the lead again in the same laboratory with the ominous number "13." It turns out that in the XVI century. to maintain strength Crusaders triturated amber powder, mix it with the wine and
At the beginning of World War II in Germany, pharmacies sold briskly drink "Lammervayn." In a special way the healing potion was dissolved succinic acid (succinate), which was considered the elixir of immortality. With Hitler's rise to power, the Nazi secret services classified all work in this area. And they began to work in the other direction. They gave up caffeine-based substances, from which the person first bracing, and then comes apathy. Experiments with succinic acid on soldiers showed that men who took the drug were becoming stronger. However, experience in the war not without side effects to a certain dose of succinic acid acted as a laxative, and German soldiers, such as the defense of Konigsberg and Berlin banal suffered diarrhea.
Career after winning amber of East Prussia were in the Soviet zone. It is known that the production of amber handed PX Koenigsberg military district, and tyloviki organized cottage industry of amber products, and sometimes use the stock amber German stores (over 22 tons) for … firing furnaces!
In the early 80's said its weighty word intelligence. The KGB began using the drug on the basis of amber in special operations. Amber tablets supplied Special Forces soldiers, agents and diplomats. It came to a curiosity: in the medium range of the Central Committee of the party was considered prestigious to get pills of immortality. One pill of the drug allows drinking at banquets as much as you want, without losing control of himself, and in the morning for an hour to sober up — succinic acid immediately burned the remaining alcohol in the body, is the cost of banquet is another.

Damn figure Konigsberg

Today Kaliningrad — the mystical city of puzzles, paradoxes and European gloss. And number 13 is symbolic. Many large and small events are associated with a baker's dozen or with multiples her.
— It was founded in 1255, in the amount of — 13, — Sergey Trifonov significantly raises the finger. — For example, the number of columns on the tomb of the philosopher Kant, who was buried here — 13. In 1944, the British airmen dropped on the city 40,000 13-kilogram bombs. East Prussian Operation Stalin began 13.01.1945 was the same day, three months later, the city was taken Pilau (now Baltiysk). Marinesco famous submariner, who fought in the Baltic Sea, was born in 1913 and drowned ships fascist boat S-13. Instrument of surrender signed Lyash Konigsberg general office number 13. On the license plate area we identified as the 39th (three times 13) region. And nobody, not even the chief policeman of Russia, can not explain it.
The museum — Bunker Lyasha told that at night in the dungeon triggered motion sensors, and once they saw the shadow of General … Lyasha.
Do you want to — believe it — no, but the secrets of German General Otto von Lyasha not release us from the bunker … almost physically, as if his legs stuck to the concrete floor. In the cave were not working the camera and flash. When we wanted to take a picture of the lattice, taken from the entrance to the bunker, our guide Sergey Trifonov, who was slightly touched the metal, shied away bounce, like high voltage. Trifonov yelled good mate, and our camera worked and clicked the shutter.
They say that this grill was made in January 1945, Hitler's personal orders. There was a series of grids, and installed them on the vital facilities of the Reich. Where the fate of Germany. Lattice has a magical protective properties — do not miss the enemy.

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