Mystery Crimean caves: rat the size of a cat and moon milk

December 26, 2011 0:51

Cave of Kizil-Koba

In the little-known caves of the peninsula go on trips only trained and fearless cavers.
Speaking of the Crimean caves comes to mind only two known caves — Red and Marble. Oh, and another replicated recently Emine-Bair-Khosar at Chater-Dag, which is equipped with stairs, railings, colored lighting and even music speakers. It, by the way, works and museum paleontological and geological findings.

But in the Crimea only open and explore the caves — more than 800, 50 of them are natural monuments. What is this cave? There are legends that deep in underground caves grow amazing plants, of which there had never touched a ray of light, live giant rats the size of a cat, desyatisantimetrovye transparent cockroaches, five-meter snake, and also appear strange dark figures allegedly belonging unknown underground tribe. Some cavers who were in remote parts of the subsoil of the Crimean land, say that did encounter under the ground with incredible mystery. True, the evidence of things unseen, unfortunately, did not lead. However, interest in the underground world is not lost — to get there, where no man has gone before — the cherished dream of all adventurers. And in Crimea they have a place to roam, because every year in the mountains of the peninsula offer more and new caves. For example, a recently opened mine eyes Gugerdzhin magnificent hall, and it was an accident, after the collapse. Cave Gugerdzhin-Khosar located on Yayla Chater-Dag in the lower plateau Tent-mountain. Hall is decorated with well-preserved drips, dividing it into several chambers. The surface is covered with stalactites often wet limestone test. Its origin remains a mystery. Polish cavers believe that this so-called "moon milk" is formed by the activity of a special type of bacteria, which serves as a breeding ground limestone.

"The River" from clotty white matter (yellow) color.  In his hands it can be easy to "squeeze out" of the water.  This "moon milk"

"The River" from clotty white matter (yellow) color. In his hands it can be easy to "squeeze out" of the water. This "moon milk"

Go down to the cave is only a rope through a vertical shaft, leaving a depth of 22 meters. When you go down to its base, it feels like being in a huge underground temple. Hence the association with the ancient shrine to those who visited it. Has there are sacred rituals our ancestors is unknown, because no household goods, no guns, no bones are never found. But the ancient rock paintings have been found in one of the neighboring caves — Cold: strange humanoid creatures worship the sun and perform a ritual dance. It is believed that these images are at least five thousand years.

This "moon milk"

Another little-known cave is also located in the mountain range Chater-Dag. This Togerik-Alan-Khosar, she Vyalov. The cave is full wandering stages, stalactites and stalagmites. Unlike Gugerdzhin, size Togerik-Alan-Khosar much bigger: its length — about 80 meters. For hiking, it also is not suited. For example, it describes the way to the depths of the Crimean cave caver on a forum on the internet: — Labyrinth narrow and clay, the path marked by arrows in places forks.

Cave Togerik-Alan-Khosar, she Vyalava

Cave Togerik-Alan-Khosar, she Vyalava

Turn it down, then 90 degrees to the left up, then 90 degrees to the right down. After a few meters resulting in Darts. Several small self-seekers, and the stile — grotto more. Crawl out of the cave on a rope attached to the right. Next come the gallery halls, big wide cave with a high ceiling. But those who have been in a cave Vyalov, say that it is — one of the most beautiful places on Chater-Dag. About this cave legends associated with the chupacabra. The fact is that tourists are not seen here a strange creature, a cross between a dog with a reptile. They say that the animal is hiding in the cave. Cave Vyalov azimuth connected to a narrow passage. This challenging track love conquer cavers. In one of them they go down the rope, pass through a winding corridor and rise to the surface of drugoy.V is two kilometers from the famous Kizil-Koba (The Red Cave), you can find the entrance to the cave Averkieva. It consists of several steps height of about eight feet, and the length of the mainsail — 180 meters. With it we were able to meet a pioneer in Simferopol. He told us that the cave, later named after him, discovered by accident, when examined Kizil-Koba. Constantine Averkiev, discoverer of the cave, says: — We're pretty well been investigating caves of Kizil-Koba. It is believed that it was known before our era. In the second century AD, a Roman poet, came to the Crimea, went into the bowels of the Kizil-Koba and described it in his poems. The Crimean Tatars were driven into the cave of his sheep, a refuge from the weather, and hid the milk and cheese, as a constant low temperature grottoes products can be stored for a long time. Incidentally, in one of the rooms we found autographs travelers with pre-revolutionary dates — 1912-1913 years. The cave Averkieva lives a colony of rare bats, vampires. Because of this, even the most curious tourists does not reach it, afraid to disturb flocks of bloodsuckers.

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