Mystery of the Crystal Skull


Where did the ancient murals with aliens?

Scientists call them "unidentified fossil sites" — NIO. Man-made objects, the works of human hands found among prehistoric fossils, when people still did not exist. Imprint sole, vase, coins, copper nail, the image of astronauts. How could they go back in time? Who created them? Some scholars argue that these artifacts refute Darwin's theory. Others say they are — fake. "MK" and listened to both.

Prehistoric nail

It happened in 1851 at a mine in Nevada. Gold Miner Hiram Witt brought home a gold bar. Featuring friends stone Witt accidentally dropped it. He has broken up, and attendees saw the inside … a nail. Even a little rusty. As he got into the breed, the age of which was at least a few million years?

— Mention of the nails in the prehistoric strata occur quite frequently — says "MK" employee of the Novosibirsk State University geologist and anthropologist Eugene Bogdanov. — American miners have repeatedly stumbled on nails during the works. In northern Britain found a steel nail, the tip of which was eaten by rust. In the same area was found by a metal object in the form of a handle from a bucket of alleged age of 10-12 million years …

Often this is fraud. But it happens, scientists take for nails or other metal objects only natural mineral melts. A piece of copper gets into the rock, and there is formed by the replacement of iron plant residues. Sometimes these pieces take shape familiar objects.
Another explanation — the upheaval. Artifacts in the ground are constantly moving, like the soil itself. That ground water will wash away, then fall through the crack. In some places, objects can "get away" very far. Archaeologists have even conducted an experiment — put in the ground broken crock. Well, his pieces "scattered" in the lower layers.

Mushrooms in spacesuits

Scientists have repeatedly found images similar to astronauts, aliens and UFOs, ancient peoples. Rock paintings in Altay depict humanoids in spacesuits. In one of the tombs of Mayan age of about 1300 years discovered pattern, similar to the lift-off. Japanese bronze figures of XVI century … remind astronauts: a helmet, a tube, a device on his chest. In the mountains of Tibet found drawings "UFO". Did the ancient painters and sculptors captured extraterrestrial visitors?

— In the Altai, the Maya and Tibet are depicted not "little green men" and … hallucinogenic mushrooms, — says Konstantin Bannikov anthropologist. — It is known that many people had a cult of mushrooms. Siberian shamans, Native Americans and other nationalities actively used them for food, fungi ascribed magical properties, even deified them. And the mushrooms themselves are often portrayed on the dishes, on walls, on household items. Mushrooms in these figures are very similar to astronauts — anthropomorphic creatures with the head in the form of a mushroom cap. They are often depicted with animals: cows, deer. Mushrooms grow on feces after cattle. Modern same "fans extraterrestrial" interpreted these drawings in their own way — the aliens have arrived and began to kill animals … Some mushrooms in the figures look like a UFO.

— And what about the Japanese figurines-aliens?

— It's not aliens, and ritual pottery mastiff. These figures are replaced with human sacrifices. They had to appease the gods and to give them their "life" force. Why do they look so weird? It's just a ritual clothes.

Who shot the Neanderthal?

In 1986, the newspaper wrote about the sensational discovery of British archaeologists. In mines, near Broken Hill Neanderthal skull was found. Well, what of it? And the fact that in his left temporal bone gaped a little round hole without cracking. The second half of the skull was demolished. Exactly cut, as if by her past … laser.

How can we explain such a perfectly smooth hole in the skull? Anthropologists from the University of London have decided to make an examination, but the owners of the artifact refused, citing the fact that scientists can damage the priceless artifact.

— If the owners abandoned the examination, it is suggestive of fraud, — says Konstantin. — Although these findings with "bullet holes" a lot. In the Paleontological Museum of the Academy of Sciences of the skull was the bison (do not know if he survived until now), whose age is about forty thousand years. He was found in Yakutia. The frontal bone of it is corrupted, the track looks like a bullet.

How to explain this? Most likely it was a blow horn of another animal. Perhaps this instance was wounded people who inhabited this region 40,000 years ago and were more advanced than we think …

But that's not the only skull with traces of bullets. In Eurasia was found an ancient cemetery … "pristrelennyh horses." Only here the firearms at the time did not exist.

— It traces of ancient Scythian guns instead of bullets — says the scientist. — It looks as a tool — a thin metal rod with a long handle. It left a perfectly flat trail that is easy to take for the bullet. They are usually euthanized horses for ritual purposes.

Whose shoe?

October 8, 1922 in Western newspapers published an article under the title "The Mystery of fossilized shoes." It said that a geologist John Reid stumbled upon fossilized imprint of the sole. The front part of the trail disappeared, but the path is preserved, and all around him — the thread. Next was seen intermittent seam in the center — deepening, as from the heel. According to preliminary estimates, the stone trail was no less than 5 million years.

— These artifacts, to put it mildly, the most controversial. Whether these shoe or something else? The contour of the front part is not preserved, and the geometry of the shoes can be confused anything. These facts are obviously far-fetched. Just archaeologists like to draw attention to himself. It is strange that the shoe itself is not found! — Laughing Constantine.
By the way, in 1968, the American amateur archaeologist reported that he had found in shales print shoes. Next — the remains of trilobites, extinct marine arthropods. Age shale about 505 million years. But none of the examinations did not confirm the artificial nature of this print.

— Archaeologists have found footprints and the person next to dinosaur tracks. How can this be explained?

— Very simple, it traces the apes, not humans. I've read that some American geologist in 1931 found human footprints in layers whose age 180-260 million years. Such a spread of numbers already says that dating is taken either from the ceiling or overdone. Note that all sensational discoveries made or amateur archaeologist, or any other profession. Of course, we also come across things that destroy the modern concept of time, but they do not have such a revolutionary values.

— Subject to errors in the dating of artifacts?

— Of course! Archaeologists generally have little knowledge of geology, so wrong all the time. The dating — a complicated thing. There are many ways to determine the age of archaeological finds: radiocarbon dating, the bones by volcanic eruptions, on the ice, but the flaws can be huge! The most accurate way of dating the tree dendrochronological. The error had a year or two. But, unfortunately, wooden artifacts are not so much.

Unexplained posts

Yet not all NIO archaeologists can explain.

One of the mysteries of the world, over which beat the pundits — skulls made of rock crystal, made by ancient Mayans. First, they are made with the utmost anatomical precision, — says Evgeny Bogdanov, — secondly, rhinestone process very difficult. That the crystal was not scattered, it is necessary to grind it in the direction of growth of the mineral. But these artifacts are processed against the rise! And for some reason does not fall apart into small pieces. In addition, the machining marks on it is not visible, that is, they are made by hand. And for such work will need 300 years! According to various sources, authentic skulls only 3-5, the rest — a fake. The originals are kept in museums in London and Paris. Fakes — in private collections.

The most famous of the skulls found in Central America in 1927 by the British archaeologist Mitchell-Hedges. True, the "box" was missing the lower jaw. She was found three months later. It turned out that the item is held loosely hinged, perfectly smooth, like the rest of the skull. And if you turn it to the light sockets, they will flash a bright fire. In addition, a crystal head has the ability to project an image that is on the bottom, on the wall. The researchers of the Mayan culture suggest that the skull was used by priests.

— Age crystal finds impossible to establish precisely. You can only find out the age of the soil with organic residues. According to them, this finding — 3600 years — says Eugene.

Another "inexplicable" subject — Horn Dragon. Anyone who has ever been to Delhi, be sure to see this wonder of the world — the iron stainless steel pillar, whose age is 1800 years. It is made out of almost total iron is not exactly known modern human technology. The glory of this column is added and its medicinal properties. It is believed that, after standing next to it, you can cure all diseases.

— It is assumed that the column is made by the method similar to that grown crystals of metals and stones. But where did the ancients knew this technology? Hence the absence of corrosion — it is well known that in crystals, pyramids, and some trees creates an energy field that protects it from exposure to air. In addition, the composition of the Horn is amazing — almost wholly iron with low carbon content, which is not found on earth! According to one version, the column was made from a piece of meteorite. By the way, there is a similar post in another Indian state. He stands in the mountains, near the temple, and also does not rust.

The mysterious track in Malta, dug about 6,000 years ago, also makes scientists fret — to whom and for what purpose it served? Each track has a width of 123 cm and a depth of sometimes more than 70 inches, beveled edges (the deeper the already) and is strictly equal to the distance between the paired ruts in 137 centimeters. In some places the tracks are covered with water for a good distance. These "rails" are the real transport network. If we imagine that something drove him on, these vehicles shall be of enormous size …

25 million instead of 2.5?

But if there is still on the ground artifacts to explain the origin of which people fail, it means that someone had left them?

"A man — not the first sentient being on the planet" — says PhD, a research fellow of the Paleontological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Kalandadze. This fall, at the international conference of anthropologists, he's going to do a report that human history is much longer than is commonly believed.

— Prior to the beginning of the XX century it was believed that the first man came not 2.5 million years ago, but much earlier. While Darwin did not appear and did not start a new count. But today there are more and more accurate methods of dating, and scientists have to revise their views.

It all began with amateur archaeologists, who lived in the nineteenth century. Brothers Florentino did archaeological excavations and sell their finds. In 1907, these colleagues Indiana Jones found the stone balls, whose age was … about 25 million years. Balls were processed and someone connected to the center of the rope. These were used as a weapon — whirled the rope and threw his legs fleeing animal — the First Nations. Near the balls were found tools. Since then, the brothers have stopped selling their finds and even bought some of the previously sold. They prepared a report stating that the first reasonable people could live on the earth 20 million years ago, and they came to him in London. But they are ridiculed.

— And for good reason. Florentino dedicated their lives to this theory, the collected evidence of his innocence throughout the world. Their collection of artefacts was very impressive. But, unfortunately, the technology of the time could not determine the exact dates, either to confirm or deny their authenticity.

— Modern scholars have argued that such artifacts often fake …

— Not always! I personally fell into the hands of hairy rhinoceros skull that lived on the earth long before man whose bones were chipped ax. He still should be in the Museum of Paleontology. And indeed many of the finds.

— So, Darwin was wrong, that man evolved from apes?

— Darwin never claimed that we are descended from monkeys! He said that apes are our close relatives. Our DNA is identical to the 98%! These findings do not refute Darwin's theory, but only shows that it needs to be adjusted.

Today, many foreign scholars openly acknowledged the existence of prehistoric culture, no less, and even more advanced than modern civilization. And she's about 20-25 million years.

American researcher in the book "Forbidden Archeology" wrote about the artifacts that do not fit into the accepted chronology of the history of mankind. The author argues that scholars around the world agreed to conceal from the people the truth, that it is not profitable. After all, if all of their degree earned on Darwin's theory is not worth a damn … According to the new theory, there have been civilizations on earth, who had witnessed the life of dinosaurs. But all these "alternative ancestors" for some reason died. And humanity is once again began to develop "from scratch."

— I largely agree with this theory, except for one — Western colleagues believe that every time mankind has been subjected to a crushing impact (global warming, ice age, etc.), people either died or returned to the primitive system. And I'm sure they still managed to survive. Technically, they could do it, — says Nikolay. — It is quite possible that they were hiding from the primitive tribes appeared in the caves … or on other planets. After all, American astronauts admitted that they saw the moon artificial road. When you consider that our ancestors were very developed, they could well reach the Earth's satellite and settle there.

Another reason — too quick leap from ape to man. Scientists still can not explain it. What was the precondition for such a rapid development? Who was the intermediary between apes and humans? Or someone people "helped" to grow up?

And it is worth recalling the myths of the legendary countries, which then disappeared. Or extraordinary knowledge of astronomy, physics, chemistry and other sciences of the ancient priests. For example, the Aztecs worshiped Saturn and claimed that close to this planet there is another, invisible. This is true, but how could they know?

There are legends of the gods, had flown from the sky and darivshih secret knowledge. Inventions that modern society ascribes to himself, were known to our ancestors …

On Earth, many more blind spots than most people think. What do we know? That the first humans appeared in Africa, that he — the result of evolution, and all! When and how did we come from? Did this one or not? The answers to these questions we have yet to figure out.

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